No human | from Trump Hao to Kardashian, crooked fruit giants how Christmas?

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original title: no human | from Trump Hao to Kardashian, crooked fruit giants how Christmas?

yesterday Christmas, sister if wanted to ask how people spent, did you receive a gift?

is to dress up the Christmas tree with friends. The hobby comes from Friends.

from then on, the Christmas tree has been in the sister's heart for warmth and beauty.

in the past two years, if sister has established a company. The partners in office will use their spare time to arrange the Christmas tree spontaneously, and this is the corner of our office. Is there a holiday atmosphere?

because the Christmas tree congealed your ideas and imagination, so the sister found that the Christmas tree is "things with the owner."

Rihanna's Christmas tree and she does not take the unusual way, some people say about her inspiration from those high heels ranging iran...

the Kardashian family's Christmas tree is full of two stories high, full of words - trenches!

with her than Hao, only Trump home......

in fact, the Christmas tree is more important. Beckham's Christmas tree is a warm and simple style. However, Beckham, who loves her daughter, invites a Santa Claus to accompany her.

the family's full of Zhang Ziyi, the Christmas tree is also the warm atmosphere of the blingbling.

Paris Hilton's Christmas tree, filled with a variety of trinkets, filled with the heart of the girl.

Lili Collins's Christmas tree, like her, like a little princess.

but the most dream, but also the supermodel Li Ma's, can not imagine its height.

in addition to personal arrangement, sister also likes to collect all kinds of Christmas tree photos.

year brand invited Christmas lighting activities, if the empty sister will go to see, this year there are two profound impression, one is Tiffany, the whole tree is studded with Tiffany blue small gift box, people can not help but want to pick another one down; SWAROVSKI is taking the twinkle of the style. (haha ~ do you want to sing down down)

if this year to see the best sister seen Christmas tree in Beidaihe Anaya community.

many people may not have heard of this community, but it represents a

Anaya translated from Sanskrit meaning "if Alan, from men, lively ashram" here, far away from the noisy, crowded and dirty

From: 壕无人性 | 从川普到卡戴珊,歪果豪门怎么过圣诞?
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