China can be able to lead the global economy in the future with Tokyo.

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original title: China can be compared to the city of Tokyo, the future leads the global economy to be

where is the largest city in the world? Is it New York in the United States? No Tokyo is now leading the world economic strength of the city, New York is also the only finished second, so there are now which city will challenge Tokyo's status?

if there is a word, it is also a Chinese city. The most likely city to take the place of Tokyo in China is Shanghai. 2015 Shanghai GDP ranked first in the China City, Asia was second, ahead of only Tokyo, the financial center has great influence in the world, the population and area ranked first in the world.

although there are more than two times the gap between Shanghai and Tokyo, Shanghai has a much faster growth rate than Tokyo. Shanghai has formed a super large scale comprehensive transportation network consisting of five modes of transportation, including railway, water, highway, air and rail. It is also one of the largest hub ports in China. Shanghai port ranks first in the world in terms of freight volume. It is an excellent Jianghai global port. It is the leader of China's free trade area and an important member of the world urban agglomeration.

It is only a matter of time for

to surpass Tokyo in the future, and its strength is absolutely undeniable.

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From: 中国可与东京比肩的城市,未来引领全球经济指日可待
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