The US group should "open" rent, drop to "send" the takeout, can you do it?

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mission to "open" rent,

drops to "send" the takeout,


Tan Haojun, a fellow of the China Federation of non-performing assets,

, >At the beginning of the interpenetration of

, the price war was inevitable.

only, the price war should also have a bottom line, not overly hit the price war.

hopes that the US regiment and the drop in the process of business penetration can maintain a rational, calm, and do not make the other party too fierce .


group began to strike in the car market. In December 21, 2017, the Beijing News reporter learned from the members of the United States group that the mission will promote its taxi service in the seven cities. Prior to February, the United States has in the Nanjing water taxi business, and at the beginning of December established the travel department. At the same time, the drop is exposed to test water export business, and also set up Nanjing as the pilot station. A new round of "trip + catering" war has been quietly struck by the review and travel of the mission to each other's core market.

"trip + food and beverage" sounds like a very large combination. Because travel also needs food and beverage, and food and beverage can be accompanied by travel. However, it is not difficult to find out that, in view of the combination of the United States and the drops, the scope of the cross boundary is still very large. The reason is that the trip and food and beverage here refer to travel and catering in the city. So, the combination of the two seems to be a little less.

more important, in the case of the US group and the two major industries in which they are located, the competition is very fierce and it is difficult to allow more investors to enter. Extending the investment angle to the core business scope of the other is equal to digging the corner of the other side to seize the other's market. In this way, the competition will be more brutal. So, why did the US regiment and the drops do this? What is the real motive for doing this?

, we do not deny that if we look at the market development and marketing capabilities in a single way, we will have the hope of success. The key is that the position of both sides in their respective industries determines to occupy the other market, and it may not be an easy thing. The final result will fall into a vicious circle of price war and vicious competition. Such as the U.S. group introduced the taxi driver Koudian offers less than half a month, many drivers may not enjoy the preferential drops, has introduced a "enjoy excellent plan" to reduce fees. The company launched a taxi business in seven cities, and began to test the water takeaway business, and organized a small team of about 10 people to secretly research and develop in a separate office. And is it hungry as early as 2015? However, from the current situation, we haven't seen what the two sides have done in the field of the other side, and the reaction of consumers seems rather dull.

objectively speaking, after the development of the enterprise to a certain stage, the cross-border expansion of business may also be a choice. However, what kind of cross-border business to choose is a test of the enterprise. The choice of the right can promote the enterprise to develop in a better direction. If the choice is wrong, it may have an adverse effect on the development of the enterprise, and even become a disaster of the enterprise. It is hard to say whether the United States chooses to choose a taxi business and choose a takeaway business. Go by not open move rental, express will not send got takeout drops. The United States Mission Impossible delivery by taxi, drops could not let go by to send passengers. What can be thought of, may be the capital in the role.

is also a fact that no matter what the US group or the drop is, it can get wind and water in their respective fields. Apart from business capability, it is capital strength, which is the courage of all investors to support investors and operators. No, a drop of $4 billion in financing has been obtained, and the financing of the US group has not been broken. On both sides, from market financing, are familiar with. It should be noted that investors will not invest in enterprises for no reason. Enterprises will not go to large-scale financing just to develop existing businesses. The cooperation between the two sides has a purpose. In particular, capital, if there is no return, it is impossible to hand. Then, it will force the enterprise to expand the scope of business and gain greater income.

from the current situation, after both sides will penetrate into each other's core business scope of business, the probability of success of the U.S. group may be slightly more. The reason is that the United States has accumulated a relatively thick customer advantage. That is to say, the current relatively fixed US group customers are likely to become potential customers of the group. The key is whether the bus driver can join the group.

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