Should the stew and the froth of the congee be skimmed? The doctor said that 99% of the people were wrong

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is making tea, squeezing juice and cooking meat, there will be a layer of foam on the water.

, is this foam the essence, to keep it, or to contain harmful substances, and to remove it? You can't mind it. There is still health education in small bubbles.

today, Xiaobian Zhejiang hospital nutrition nutritionist Zhang Lun.

some common knowledge of knowledge, we do not know!!!

requires special processing of foam

stew foam

The initial foam of

stew should be skimmed off!

as the meat is cooked, some of the blood vessels that remain in the flesh will run into the soup and often produce an irritating smell and appearance. In addition, the fat in the meat and other ingredients will also appear in the foam.

so, have boiled meat early bubble mainly comes from the blood remaining in the flesh, with some impurities, preferably skim.

if then a white foam, look clear, it is white. It is mainly protein in the meat, and it can be preserved.

made the foam

of soya bean milkThe foam produced by

in soya bean milk can be removed with a little oil.

The foam produced by

in soybean milk is mainly produced by the saponins. It is not a problem in itself, but its existence will make the soya bean milk full of foam when it is not heated to boiling, causing a false impression of boiling.

at this time, the soybean milk contains protease inhibitor and other anti nutrient substances, which will affect the absorption of protein.

so you can add a little oil to foam, and a small fire heating bubble disappeared, the real Soybean Milk heated to boiling.

harmless foam

tea foam


makes tea, it is called "tea saponin", a kind of saponins, which makes the tea foam produce foam.

and according to the current research, it may have antibacterial effect and can inhibit the absorption of fat. therefore, there is no need to remove the foam when drinking tea.

coffee bubble

coffee produces a lot of foam, and fine coffee particles themselves can produce foam. Some foam is made from milk produced, such as cappuccino, latte etc..

whether it is the coffee itself or the milk produced by the foam, do not harm the health, you can enjoy it.

squeezed fruit and vegetable juice foam


is squeezing fruit and vegetable juice, there are many kinds of substances, such as foam, and foam in coffee. They are also nutrients in fruit and vegetable juice, which do not affect health.

/ cook porridge or noodles bubble

has some protein in rice and flour, and in the process of boiling there will be some dissolving into the water to serve as a surfactant.

and in rice and the surface of the starch will have some soluble in water to increase the viscosity of water. These bubbles are harmless to health and can be eaten.

see this, the things about the bubble, you should understand.

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