Not Xi Mengyao, not Liu Wen, the most likely to enter the Chinese supermodel history is her!

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maybe you don't know her so well, because she doesn't go to the secret of Vitoria, doesn't go to micro-blog, and doesn't rip it up. But she is still one of the first national models, one of the most popular Asian models in the world's top luxury brands, and she is Feifei Sun.

Feifei Sun, who was the first Chinese model to be on the cover of the VOGUE in 120 years, was on the top of Kim Gu's cover.

she was the first Chinese model to take the cover of Vogue Italia and Vogue US, and the only Chinese supermodel with two VI singles.


and her generation supermodel movie, the draft, to participate in a variety of time, her facial contour with high quality photos, handsome, neutral, stable solid marks, diligent running show, became the darling of high-end luxury brands.

, a model

for a major event

fans were dubbed the "blue blood deer" in her 11 year MDC will enter the top fifty, and came to the highest twelfth seats in 2014, now it is about to industry icon (big man muffled).

Rhododendron is the first Chinese supermodel to rush into the top 50 of MDC. Liu Wen MDC ranks the highest in third place, he Sui reaches the top thirteenth, Qin Shupei twenty-ninth, and Xi Meng Yao thirty-second.

, and second of her ranking, is the most low-key, and to the present time, sweeping Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Dior and other big advertising of the universe.

in 2013 she became the first Asian spokesperson


won the 2016 spring and summer, autumn two season Prada global spokesman

in order to shoot the six big blue brand (Dior, Chanel, Louis, Vuitton, Gucci, Prada) is the highest honor of the advertising model, a branch of advertising Feifei Sun holding is more like a symbol of status scepter.

^ LV

Chanel Beauty Spring 2016

L'instant Chanel - Chanel Watches Spring 2014

's highly recognizable face makes her especially popular in the make-up area. In 2012, she made an advertising blockbuster for Giorgio Armani Beauty, appeared in the Dolce & in 2014, and Gabbana Skincare advertising blockbuster, signing Estee Lauder this year to become the global spokesperson.

Giorgio Armani Beauty2012

Estee Lauder Announcement, Global Spokesmodel 2017

Dolce & GabbanaSkincare 2014


2015, Met Ball took the theme of the Chinese wind, and the American version of "VOGUE" looked for Feifei Sun as a model for the annotation. The stars on the red carpet in the fight topic, silently in the light but die like textbook version written into history.

she gave birth to a model for

, just like every high sister's childhood troubles, Feifei, who was taller than boys of the same age, was often laughed at and formed a bad habit of hunchback.

super visionary Philippines Philippines dad mom has been urging her to correct attitude, not knowing it serendipitously cultivate a top supermodel.