By putting the British drama circle powder style in the "Jun recent afternoon tea" poison

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original title: by putting the British drama circle powder style in the "Jun recent afternoon tea" poison

recently was a bustling gentleman style and fascinating "English drama" Jade Hotel "circle of the powder, but moved by the characters and the story is not a five star hotel in central London and I, the delicate way of life but often appear in the inside of the tea scene and stand out the afternoon tea.

British drama "Jade Hotel" (The Halcyon) posters

Britain has a saying that "when the clock struck four, all the moments in the world stopped for tea". British people always have a sense of ritual life, and tea in the afternoon is not as simple as a cup of tea for them. And the "Jade Hotel" (The Halcyon) accurately conveys the extraordinary meaning and unforgettable history of the afternoon tea for the British.

"Jade Hotel" (The Halcyon) drama

"my father is a soldier." he told me that the British soldiers were surprised that your food was the worst he had ever eaten, and when you fight, they also want to stop smoking and drinking tea.

In the

"Jade Hotel" (The Halcyon) drama

Hamilton, a lot of hidden behind the noble consistent secret under the rarely meet domestic trouble and foreign invasion, and talked little family, only to have afternoon tea at the dinner table, to put aside the family rift, talking about political affairs, harmony with something like the ordinary family.

"Jade Hotel" (The Halcyon) drama

Jade Hotel outside the air raid sirens sounded from time to time, so usually calm British ladies and gentlemen confused. The afternoon tea prepared by the hotel is not without any graceful steps due to the panic of war. In a short afternoon, it can give people full of hope, healing and warmth in despair, as if to return to the somewhat lazy and leisurely noble Britain.

"Jade Hotel" (The Halcyon), and the picture comes from Pinterest.

many people for afternoon tea vision may be due to excellent packaging English drama, such as: "Pride and Prejudice" after a meal will open the tea party, "


"Downton Abbey" everywhere aristocratic afternoon tea,

even a group of two people who often drink tea on the sofa in "Sherlock",

but do you really know the English afternoon tea?

British tea culture has a long history. It began in the middle of seventeenth Century. Princess Charlie S of the time was very fond of drinking tea. It was called "Queen of tea drinking" in style=. With her influence and promotion, the wind of drinking tea was quickly popularized throughout the country.

> Charlie S and queen queen Catherine Princess

to eighteenth Century, the UK has become the world's largest per capita tea consumption; by nineteenth Century, tea and tea is very popular

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