I have cried in the car, but later I laugh

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original title: once I was crying in the car, but later I had

once there was a controversial topic:

should I sit in a luxury car and cry, or sit on a bicycle?

this problem, touching the hearts of some girls,

also caused a thousand men's spit.

over the years, this is still an unstable proposition.

have you ever cried in the car?

you must have.

one, crying in a taxi.

when I was just working, I was inexperienced, although I often worked late into the night,

but can only barely finish the task, and it's hard to call it a complete beauty.

once, the project submission time is too tight,

I lost the client because of the traffic jam.

the boss did not scold me, but said a word that could keep me in mind for a lifetime:

"theefforts, not equal to."

> I always remember how I cried like a dog in a taxi,

two, crying in a boyfriend's car and crying for

for two years in Shanghai, and two years with a boyfriend.

boyfriend drives a car and comes to me from a small city in his hometown to Shanghai.

the boyfriend asked, "shall we go to the hot pot?"

I said, "I want to eat curry."

boyfriend: "do you like to eat hot pot most?"

me: "curry."

the boyfriend had been looking for a long time in the navigation, and did not find where to go,

last sentence:

"so you never go back because our small city has no curry?"

I did not answer, looking out the window, tears all the way down.

three, drive home and sit downstairs and cry for

the company was in a crisis, when the investor gave up the company's withdrawal,

my team, waiting for me to give a reply, save, or not to save.

my father's late cancer in the hospital, the operation has a risk,

the doctor waited for me to sign, do, or not.