Chen one hair bath photos: the scale of hair sister's expansion is getting bigger and bigger

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original title: Chen one hair bath photo net friend: hair sister expansion scale is more and more

yesterday released a Christmas Betta anchor Chen Yifa blessing in micro-blog, but not the same as with other anchor funny lovely wind is, Chen Yifa unexpectedly sun bathing according to fans hair welfare. After the update of micro-blog, fans quickly gathered around the scene. They said: "the elder sister expanded". It is no longer the most direct live room. The scale is bigger and bigger. The erotic anchor is watching


once a year Christmas, many anchor in micro-blog last night, a blessing, Betta in micro-blog anchor Chen Yifa wishes to: Merry Christmas [I love you] ~ these days did not take pictures, send some photos before to brush a tooth shape are yo love you, ha ha ~ # Chen send children #. At the same time, four bath photos are also exposed.

, as one of the most clothes - wearing hosts, has not seen such friends.

netizen comment:

only one air conditioner in summer: big American, American and beautiful


: foul Jester

is no longer the only dream kniter mirror: dress up studio

Leng_yun: what's the matter with you now, my big brother

Yue Junjun do not know,: the hair sister expands the incredibly revealing clavicle and has the ability to show a foot again,

super cool: pornographic anchors! Pay attention to

Lyyyyy199904: you're expanding, the best clothes, the biggest scale,


said up recent holiday welfare full sister ah, the Qixi Festival hair sister issued Jiugongge photos, turned "famar", not only with long hair, also wearing a Japanese school uniform.

when others send blessings, the sister of the house has been giving benefits.

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