Does the child's sex education say "do not export"? "Protecting beans" wants parents not to be shy with theory, interaction and teaching aids.

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original title: Children's sex education "do not export"? "Protect beans" want to use theory, interaction and teaching aids to let parents no longer shy

although more and more parents begin to pay attention to children's education, but according to education science and technology research and development center Chinese Institute of science education and research, the main content is as follows: the parents education gender education (46.79%), organ health care (31.02%), prevention of sexual harassment (29.90%), the source of life (29.52%); four are elected only 5.41%, "almost never taught" parents accounted for 26.78%; the main reason hindering family sex education is the parents' education ability (50.60%) and conservative (26.36%).

, which focuses on the protection of children's sex education, has been established in January 2015. In the early stage of the project, CEO has been to the science education status of Hu Jia Wei volunteers; practice experience was a day answer parents questions, finally accumulated tens of thousands of fans, let Hu Jiawei better understanding of their educational needs from the perspective of parents.

, for example, when parents find children masturbation, most institutions will teach parents to face up to this phenomenon and guide children positively, but parents' anxiety and obstacles are mostly from "not having their own mind". The protection of soybean beans to parents after class interactive homework, combined with community activities, fundamentally change the concept of parents.

The three business plates that

protect the bean are curriculum, community and e-commerce.

1) the content is divided into sexual concept, sex knowledge, sexual security and communication skills. "Primary school student health education readings of primary school: precious life" textbook, which had been laid down by the parents diss, was designed to cultivate the children's sexual concept and teaching sexual knowledge. In order to protect beans, based on the results of authoritative institutions such as the child sex education research group of Beijing Normal University, we redesigned the curriculum framework from the perspective of parents, and increased communication examples.


course adopts the form of audio class, with different series facing different ages. Some series of 199 yuan /35 class, some series of 40 yuan /8 class. The protection of beans will also customize the course for the cooperation platform. Users can now obtain courses in the protection of peas WeChat service number, micro store mall and clove mother, Kola preschool and other childcare platforms.

2) the community was priced at $99 per day for 21 days. Subject study and homework every day, test key knowledge points, and confirm the effect of parents' learning. Regular group discussions and "personally read" and other small activities will enhance the user's sense of participation. There are 6 groups of soy beans that are protected, with an average of 150-200 people per group.

3) the e-commerce platform first sold picture books, and recently launched sex education products, including teaching materials, game boxes and doll teaching aids, and will also extend to daily necessities in the future.

Series picture book

hidden "detail " teaching doll

protection of bean beans 90% is the mother, in a second line city after 80 "new parents". Most of the seed users come from free parenting lectures in the WeChat group. With the gradual integration of the curriculum system, the spread of word of mouth among parents is increasing. Many users know the course through the WeChat public number and the circle of friends. The next step to protect the bean will be put on the whole platform, and continue to receive guests through the live batch.

Hu Jia Wei said, Doug will experience protection Pavilion in Wuhan, Nanjing, Xi'an, Shanghai test line next year, cooperation training institutions to provide site protection Doug offers courses and parenting experience.

also carry out institutions and organizations of children's sex education and love education in the classroom, the comprehensive growth of Xixi Gakuen, speaking of sex Chinese network, new Kinsey, guardian of shin studio. There is no strong competition relationship in this subdivision area. First, the market is still in cultivation stage. Experts teach parents together is a good thing, and the two is the attribute of public interest. protects beans and intends to build a platform on the basis of courses. It combines several agencies such as Mary Stepp International Organization (MSI) to launch "you and me partners" platform, gather teachers and contents, and work out curriculum standards together.

According to

, the protection of bean beans is now profitable. In revenue, 6 per cent of knowledge paid and 4 per cent of goods sold. Hu Jiawei said the protection of beans will continue to explore the business model and not start a new round of financing.


team has 9 people, from the background of new media operation, arts, social workers, design, editing, etc., and has experience in continuous entrepreneurship, marketing and knowledge payment. Hu Jiawei, 6 years of experience in sex education, knows V of sex education. COO Li Zhihao, 4 years experience in project manager of 5A level social organization. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 儿童性教育“说不出口”?「保护豆豆」想用理论、互动和教具让家长不再害羞
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