Fashion editor of daily | often to see the show? Wear big cards every day? Ha-ha

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original title: fashion editor of the daily | often go to see the show? Wear big cards every day? Ha ha

Hello, I am your crystal girl, Miss Xu.

recently received a lot of inexplicable buddy for

said to join our company as LV the latest, "font-size: 16px style= Prada

fly to Paris, Milan, to see the show

on Saturday

on Sunday, about Wu Yifan drinking afternoon tea

> I just want to ask

Where do you find such a good job?

can you introduce me to ?

it seems everyone for the fashion industry misunderstanding not only tiny but adventitious quantity

so today I specially invited four employees

well, thank you for your peers' confession

don't know everyone for fashion industry

is there


> anyhow to interview

I think every day