The new school founder Zhang Dongqing: education should respect children's nature, privacy and autonomy

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original title: the new school founder Zhang Dongqing: education should respect children's nature, privacy and autonomy of

the new school aspect: as "at home" model, in recent years has been the concern of all walks of life. Similar to other family school, new schools but also because the founder Zhang Dongqing couples dissatisfied with the current education system, but also because of the education of their children. Its idea has also been recognized by many parents: away from the bustle of the city and the hustle and bustle, giving the children a natural education in a beautiful forest.

in thirty Chinese Education Forum fourth annual meeting, the new school founder Zhang Dongqing teacher with our in-depth understanding of this "education of the Peach Garden", in her view, learning is a process of a process of discovery, education is to provide a more opportunities environment, so we need to provide children with natural education. In particular, it is to cultivate two foundations, one is the basis of personality, and the other is the ability to feel feeling.

the new school for my daughter her school experience and my experience as a teacher, I deeply feel our lack of love and beauty education. When I was a little girl, I read "love education" to her. I was moved by the love of Education described in the book. I read Peterpan, I was moved by the author's understanding of children. Behind this understanding is love.

so, in 2006, when my two daughter coming on the primary school, my husband and I joined three other families, founded a school called the new school.

name forever contains the aims of our own. The name is my husband, we hope that the school has an old heritage, it is new and growing.

back in 2006, we had no school experience, no funds, no teachers, but we had four children. We have an ideal for a school that children like and the school that children can grow to. We raised 40 thousand yuan, to 06 years in September, 4 children and a teacher of the new school was founded, the school site is in Huilongguan countryside rent a set of three rooms.

as the children slowly changed, from 4 to 26, divided into three classes, and we rented two sets of three rooms. The courses offered to children are: text interpretation, children's literature, drama, music, art, martial arts, and games and swimming.

text interpretation course is a literacy course, a part of the language course. There are many regrets in the current Chinese course, one of which is the symbolization of characters, ignoring the cultural essence, historical evolution, fresh personality and the beauty of rhyme and form. The text is from the text, to the word process, from the picture of the abstract words pictographic process, from Oracle, bronze, sealscript clerical script regularscript simplified to historical evolution process, which is also the process of children's thinking development.

exchange solution, refers to the collection of the interpretation of the text, but the word is also related to the exchange solution myths, legends, historical stories, blend, both interesting and fun, because the most important for children, but also the accumulation of cultural heritage, but also can stimulate the imagination. And the construction of thinking pattern.

we also built our own idea of running a school: 's natural education. 1. Respecting the naturalness of children's growth; two, respecting the vagueness and concealment of children's growth; three, respecting the autonomy of children's growth.

as the children grew up, the three room was obviously smaller, and we were eager to have a campus. so we had a natural park.

Natural Park in Beijing city of Changping District Shahe small village on the north side, first met small Shahe is a weekend, we went through the quiet little village in Shahe, suddenly a broad river appeared in front of the gray green, white one after another. Then I thought, if the new can shelter River, the children go to school by boat, how romantic! < /

From: 日日新学堂创始人张冬青:教育要尊重孩子成长的自然性、隐秘性和自主性
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