How did the Dafa of the Buddhist girls have been solved by a pair of socks?

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from the thermos cup to the Buddha to long johns girls series, hot on the network "the first batch of 90 are bald, health is not already middle-aged people concerned, above 25 years old girls have been silently began to focus on health.

them before the half a lifetime, while staying up side cream soup;;

diligently to stay up late, hard skin care;

drink wine and wolfberry, cococo Codonopsis;

drink the most expensive wine and sit the most expensive ambulance.

from the exquisite pig girl has become the indisputable rob Buddha, the girls from the.

their life is more practical than before, and it is more important than the wind to think that temperature is the most important.


original socks and Long Johns, is not fashionable girls from a single product, but I don't know when to start, even show models began to love it, to become everyone's favourite fashion goods.

many girls in winter for beauty have exposed ankle, now will not have beautiful trembling, to wear shoes with a sock in 9 pants and sports as fashionable, beautiful.

nine pants to sports shoes collocation is very appropriate, nine pants type is not limited, pencil pants, pants, trousers and the smoke pipe can be straight, can the general sports shoes collocation, can also be used for collocation with white shoes, socks, with white or the light colored cotton socks best.

plaid pants for accusative pattern elements also become winter Chic single product, it can be difficult to control the color collocation of socks, absolute fashion to take off.

if you do not want to immerse in the black and White army, you can add some color to your socks, which will make your collocation brighten.

all-match classic black socks, store them some no problem, you can Mix is mainly a variety of skirt or trousers.

said white socks is not good collocation, but with a group of sports shoes is very good, can not accept the white socks girl can choose to take the letters or Logo style, showing that a small section will make you very cool.