That's why I bought Hermes!

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original title: that's why I bought Hermes!

there are two kinds of people in the world:

can afford herm's, and it can't afford Hermes.

the latter, completely because of poverty.

There are two people in

who can afford it:

men, and women.

but don't think that only women are worthy of Hermes.

men are more frightening!

on the other side of the Pacific strip, there is a black fatty man who is bound by a man's body. He is very unwilling to degenerate into a mediocre soul. So he wears black silk and carries Hermes.

don't appeal, the black silk Hermes to pick up the human male is very proud of her, crocodile Birkin and Kelly that you see renal itch.

His name is EJ

Johnson, from the United States Beverly, who his father was the famous former NBA star Earvin Johnson, called the 'magic' Johnson.

, hit me, hit me ah! I promise not to take Shi with platinum.

EJ Johnson is one of the reasons here, I want to buy hermes. As a standard American girl, I don't want to lose to a frenzy of perspective, lace, B, and hot to a number of millions of supermodels - men!


, what do I think of my misunderstanding about Hermes? Yes, Hermes is the dream of every woman, but didn't plan to serve women at the early stage of brand creation.

has to mention the real husband of Wuli. Louis Xiv, the inventor of high-heeled shoes and wig, has caused a frenzy of French men's crazy pursuit of beauty.

"the Sun King 'Louis Xiv

with a wavy wig and high heels."

during his reign, all the old bacon and small meat have followed the fashion of big icon, and a book like Louis Xiv's wear guide has been published.

Hermes was born after the "man needs fashion".

is located in the French Paris Hermes headquarters, the roof garden stands a huge sign, is also the name of Hermes' Hermes Sellier'.

the period of France, there have been tens of thousands of male beauty, they are keen to put their dressed to the nines, Spray Cologne rode freely with "beauty" in the street. Therefore, Hermes would find their original location - a custom harness shop franchise.

1837, Thierry Hermes Madeleine in the downtown area of the Basse-du-Rempart Street opened the first store.

founded in 1837, herm Hermes has focused on serving men, what saddle, carriage accessories, and so on. At that time, From: 这就是我买爱马仕的原因!
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