The topic of postgraduate mathematics? The Ministry of education has the latest response

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original title: postgraduate mathematics declared yesterday? The Ministry of education has the latest response to

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12 26, the number of users micro Bo said, in 2018 the national postgraduate entrance examination mathematics subjects "God charge", the name is "Li Lin" the teacher is very similar in the exam yati video Zhongju examples and real exam questions.

in response to this situation, the examination center of the Ministry of education conducted a study of video and other materials, confirming that the examples were all different from the actual test questions. The teachers and the teachers mentioned in the video did not participate in the work of the mathematics section of the postgraduate entrance examination in 2018.

the Ministry of Education Examination Center official said that any disruption of the national education examination behavior, once verified, will be severely dealt with according to the law, will not be tolerated.

earlier today, the teacher himself also made a statement saying that the online speech was not true.

, "since 2005, I have been involved in the postgraduate entrance examination. Although the Ministry of education and the school have already banned it, they still have a fluke mentality. They are privately taught outside the school, which has a bad effect on the school. I feel very self reproach."

On the afternoon of

12 26, Li Lin made a statement in his personal micro-blog Li Lin teacher 2017. He said he had not been involved in the postgraduate entrance examination (including this year) and did not participate in the formulation of the postgraduate entrance examination (including this year). "In this case, I have commissioned a lawyer to deal with it by law, and I will use the micro-blog account to publish the information."

"I don't use micro-blog at ordinary times. Because of what's happening today, I have to talk and let you know the truth of the matter." In the afore-mentioned statement, Li Lin said that in the course of the teaching of the social examination class, there was a hint to the examinee for the point of knowledge. The content of the two order difference and hypothesis test mentioned in the Internet is the cold point I mentioned many times in recent years. The cold points mentioned here are curvature, curvature radius, function mean and Chebyshev inequality.

"and this year Kaoyanzhenti high similarity topic pointed out on the Internet, I have been in the community training schools taught for many years, this year is not just to say, this can be through the investigation in lecture video and student notes to prove." Li Lin said.

, "first, I didn't get any information about exam questions and exams before the exam. I didn't know any examination contents. Second, if there is any truth, I would like to take any legal responsibility for it." Li Lin then reclaimed it.

12 month 26 days around 5 pm, Dalian University of Technology official micro-blog issued a statement saying, "our school in the" on notice "held expressly prohibited remedial classes in: teachers should be involved in training activities in any form, including social counselling activities on the section of teachers, postgraduate counseling Li Lin to participate in social activities, school will make a serious deal, results will be announced to the public." Li Lin himself forwarded the school statement.


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