How does a 30 year old man live more sexier than 20? Just change these 3 points

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original title: how does a 30 year old man live more sexy than 20? Just change the 3 point

a man who has a home, often very tired.

over 30 years old, in the company mixed into small executives, sandwiched between leaders and subordinates, the two sides are not pleased. The workplace is not so good and can only endure, dare not resign, dare not change work easily, support the family and the pressure of housing loans are also on the body.

never was a friend called to drink play string line nightclub, all default if you want to go home. When you drive home, you have to sit in the car and go upstairs for a while. That's the only chance to be alone in the day.

the skin is getting worse and less, and the hair is getting less and less. A bow, found her swollen belly has been difficult to use "belly" to describe, can go home with his wife and children to work, and no time to exercise?

after having a family, they gradually live into another species.

can also have men, and they are called "hot dad" after a family. They are different, the appearance, the taste, the attitude towards the family... In any way, keep fashion sexy at all times.

little supervisor, husband, father, all the roles, all of you are required to be more stable. More than 30 years old, is not the time to take the cup, don't wear old-fashioned.

  • learn to wear Blazer

don't cheat myself, "a few days to go to the fitness belly cut down". It is more realistic, custom suits tailor-made dosage of modified body.

> first requires a set of Suit for formal occasions such as working, meeting, and meeting customers. But in life, always wear a slightly old-fashioned Suit is odd, then you need a partial leisure Blazer.

remember, do not use cumbersome jeans to match Blazer, you can wear" Chinos Khaki Pants "to match. In terms of color selection, if you haven't been able to try out your own color style when you are more than 20 years old, you can at least remember several kinds of color matching that you can't make mistakes:


Blazer + Chinos Navy Navy beige; Blazer + Blazer + Chinos gray; green blue Chinos.

  • focusing on the material of clothes

the young people in the tide brand don't care about the material, and they are willing to buy thousands of rotten T - shirts. For you, it's impossible for you to get a compliment on your Logo, and the pursuit of a high quality material can allow everyone to identify with your life.

dress fabrics must be from the United Kingdom, Italy brand, must be able to wear the sweater naked "Baby Cashmere" - Kid cashmere, cotton clothes must be "Supima Cotton" - Pima cotton.

Comfort of advanced fabric, you will feel it only when it touches the skin. It's not difficult to get a little bit more when you buy clothes, whether it's asking a shop assistant or looking at the label himself.

  • > with the best perfume, not the most fragrant perfume

a washing liquid on the body does not taste dislike, but it will always be

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