A good game is no money! In 2017, the player selected a high paid hand tour to support the original.

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original title: good game is not bad! In 2017, the player selected a high paid hand tour to support the positive

, with the development of the times, the Chinese gamers who didn't play games for free had begun to pay for good games. How much money do you spend on games this year? The following excellent pay games, do you have any in your mobile phone?

Teon Chinese version of

imitation of a "heaven 1" of the game set, the magnificent scene, colorful magic, rich character and monster story, to build a free copy, a high degree of freedom of the world only, need to control various types of game player to complete the level and a copy of hero in the underground city of the combat mission. If you want to recollection of the early heaven, it can really come to experience and may create new memories for you.

Monument Valley 2 (Monument Valley 2)

became a mother and daughter's story from the story of a princess, in the middle of what we do not know, but we can be sure of is that the sequel is still fun, is well worth the money! (unfortunately the development team says it won't be redeveloped, and play and cherish it)

fatal frame 2

is still the same picture, or the same formula, and players can still break and restructure the dynamic comic frame to change the end of the story. However, the story of this time is a little kind to the players of the sky, after all, some of the scenes are in Hongkong, China. So, are you satisfied with it?

greedy Grottoes (The Greedy Cave)

In the early days of

, the game IOS restricted and attracted many people. As a domestic independent game, its evaluation showed a polarizing scene. It thought it mimicked famine while the other side appreciated it. In fact, the game is closer to roguelike, and the labyrinth of the dungeon adventure is very smart, and it's worth playing.

return route

a domestic mild roguelike game, game player will play because of the war and daughter lost refugees, the way forward in various survival crisis, collecting water, food and supplies necessary to let yourself live, annihilate the rebels and the nature of the carnivorous creatures, in the home to find their own family. In general, it is a very worth pondering game, remember, and hope, and hope!

NBA 2K18

can start this game of people is quite generous, after all, dozens of dollars to increase money, ordinary people still need to think about it. For NBA2K fans, this mobile terminal transplant can not be missed. Just looking at the modeling screenshots is also good.

spring 3

is a popular RPG works, "Witch of spring" series by a large number of tap water has attracted a lot of game player, the sequel to the new world "Weinaliya", for the stage, around in secludion. "Addie Lodi" launched a new story. PS. heard that the game was snatched as soon as it was on the shelf. Did you get in this year?

Royal power of


of her majesty

was quite well last year

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