2018 the top 1200 of the Chinese University's comprehensive strength list, the National People's Congress of Tsinghua University is promoted to the world's first class University

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original title: 2018, China's University comprehensive strength list is 1200, Tsinghua Peking University People's Congress is promoted to world class university


Peking University, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University ranked the top three, Renmin University of China to the alumni donation "2 billion club"

2017 December 25th, Ai Ruishen Chinese alumni network completed, Science Press, forthcoming "study report: evaluation of 2018 China Chinese University College Entrance Examination Guide (alumni Edition)" the latest release of the 2018 China university rankings 1200, 2018 Chinese best university rankings and 2018 non first-class university rankings China double and 2018 China University Alumni donation list etc.. The report showed that Peking University ranked the top of the 2018 China University comprehensive strength list, Tsinghua University second, and Zhejiang University added the highest ranking of history, third. Fudan University fourth, Renmin University of China fifth, Zhongshan University was promoted to the top 10 of the country, ranking ninth. The most interesting is, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Renmin University of China won the 2018 China by University Alumni Association 2018, ranks China best university ranking top three, promotion China characteristics, the world first-class university ranks within the next 15 years will be the first to enter the forefront of the world first-class university, Tsinghua University will be among the world's three major world university rankings before 10 strong.

is the most noteworthy, Nobel award, scientific breakthrough award, future science award and Mathias award, Warner Koiter award and the Meisel-Laponce award nearly 150 "international scientific awards" into the evaluation index system of 2018 alumni Chinese University, guide the implementation of the national "a way" initiative and enhance the world influence, enhance the ability of the global service state of the local economic and social development. The country's 87 first-class construction colleges and universities are among the top 100 of the 2018 China University Rankings, 73 of China's five star universities and 6 colleges and universities falling out of 200. The 13 non double top universities in the country ranked among the top 100. Kunming University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University, Fujian Normal University, Yanshan University and Yanshan University ranked 2018. China's top 5 top ranked universities.

statistics show that since 1980, universities in China have received 25 billion 100 million of alumni donations, and 7 colleges and universities have donated over 1 billion. Tsinghua University, Peking University and the Renmin University of China ranks 2018 Chinese University Alumni donation list top 3. Among them, the Tsinghua University agreed to donate 2 billion 654 million, refresh Chinese University Alumni donation record; Fudan University alumni Lu Zhiqiang donated 1 billion 43 million, ahead of Huang Nubo and Xiong Xinxiang China refresh University Alumni donation record, won the "2018 China University's most generous alumni" title. It is a notable fact that in 2017, Renmin University of China was outstanding. In the 80th anniversary anniversary year, donations were over 2 billion 100 million under the support of Liu Qiangdong, Zhang Lei and other business alumni, and among 2 billion alumni of 2018 Chinese University Alumni.

issued the Chinese university rankings for 16 consecutive years, providing a guide to the national college entrance examination candidates in 2018,

"2018 Chinese university evaluation report - Chinese college entrance examination guide (alumni Edition)" by Ai Ruishen Chinese alumni network university research team Zhao Deguo, Cai Yanhou, Wang Lingfeng, Liu Ming, the Party of Radha and Cai Li wrote in May 2018, will be published by Science Press for the country, this is Ruishen AI Chinese alumni network (cuaa.net) issued sixteenth consecutive years Chinese University rankings. Expert consultation and evaluation report Chinese University official, Ai Ruishen Research Institute president Zhao Deguo pointed out that the book includes 1325 undergraduate in 2018 China Strait cum Hongkong Macao area colleges and universities (including 8 colleges, 265 independent colleges and 161 private universities and 74 universities in Hong Kong and Macao) the comprehensive strength ranking, star ranking (best university rankings), undergraduate ranking provinces, universities and professional rankings and other series of ranking students completing the volunteer selection of university professional provide authoritative examination guide for the 2018 national college entrance examination, foreign.

PKU Tsinghua won the top 2018 Chinese university rankings, and Renmin University of China is among the top 5 of the country's top 5The

report shows that in the AI Ruishen Chinese alumni network to the latest 2018 China university comprehensive strength ranking in the top 1200, the strongest comprehensive school of Peking University, a score of 100 points, ranked 2018 Chinese University Alumni Association's top 700 rankings, Tsinghua University 99.58 points, ranking second, Tsinghua University Beijing People's Congress 3 schools among the 2018 China by University, promotion Chinese characteristics, the world first-class university ranks the top universities, called Chinese. Zhejiang University 82.

From: 2018中国大学综合实力排行榜1200强,清华北大人大晋升世界一流大学
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