The team behind the success of a professional player LMS holds a logistical team.

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developer Riot Games announced in the league this week, they teamed up with Twitch LMS broadcast platform held special interest Powered cup by Twitch logistics (logistics LMS cup), invited 2018 season LMS eight occupation team logistics team and anchor under them for the game, is expected to for two weeks line regular season, will debut in the final battle in january! This LMS logistics Cup player is no longer a professional athlete of the team, but a logistics team behind their success, including coaches, analysts and others. This match is also a warm-up before the start of the LMS spring games regular season.

the theme of this competition is that the logistics personnel are able to "fight" out! LMS logistics cup will be held today (December 26th) 7 pm officially start, Club, Flash Wolves, AhQ e-Sports G-Rex, Hong Kong Attitude, J Team, Machi Esports, MAD TEAM, Team Afro eight LMS occupation team will participate in the tournament, was always behind the scenes to Pay Corps logistics personnel. Retired players, team and anchor, are likely to appear in the game.

, there are 8 teams in the LMS logistics cup. The first round of is BO1 single round robin system, and the online qualifier will be held on the 8 day of 12/26-12/30 and 1/9-1/11, one 28 Games. The winner can get 1 points, the loser is 0 points, the final score before the 2 qualifying finals qualify.

, including coaches and analysts, can participate in the competition. Although professional players can't compete, they can provide tactical teaching. The players and coaches' responsibilities are transformed. The game uses the custom fight, the use of the professional game 10ban mode. The daily event match will be broadcast live by the different clan Twitch broadcast, and each team player or anchor fornarrating race assessment, especially the tournament is set "the fire won the highest popularity award , Twitch live watching the number of marines will be obtained this honor eight day qualifiers!

LMS logistics cup in 7 tonight will be formally started, on the first day of the debut of the AhQ, MAD, corps including FW, HKA, G-Rex, and MAD of the Marine Corps, Green Tea analyst FW clan, former occupation player NL and G-Rex team will send Toyz coach to fight, do not miss the wonderful events. What level players are often questioning coaches and analysts and can lock the LMS logistical cup to see if they can bring a wonderful event. return to the Sohu, see more


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