The environmental problem is not solved in Fuling mustard 760 million project by the local SASAC halt

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original title: environmental problems of Fuling mustard 760 million project by the local SASAC held

every reporter Chen Qing is edited by Yao Zhiyu

Fuling mustard investment of about 760 million yuan of 50 thousand tons of radish projects encounter variables. In the evening of December 25th, the company announced that it had decided to suspend the implementation of "50 thousand tons of radish food production line construction project" after repeated consideration.

why Fuling mustard suddenly announced a suspension of the project? The announcement showed that the state owned assets supervision and Management Committee of the listed company in Fuling, Chongqing, explicitly asked for a temporary stop to implement the project. "Daily economic news" reporter noted that for this project, Fuling mustard has been planning for half a year, and has said that "is an important part of the company's implementation of industrial structure optimization and adjustment."

environmental problems caused by project stranded

this investment, Fuling mustard plan to cooperate with the Jinzhou Binhai New Area, and signed the relevant framework agreement with the Binhai New Area Management Committee in September 15, 2017. Specifically, the company obtained the relevant approval procedures under the premise, intends to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Jinzhou Binhai New Area empress Gong Zhen investment, with an annual output of 50 thousand tons of radish food production line construction project of its own funds to invest in construction projects, plans a total investment of 760 million yuan, the total surface area of about 300 acres.

Why was the project pause for more than three months after

signed the framework agreement?

for project suspension, December 25th announcement, Fuling mustard explained, "because in the implementation of this agreement in the process, found that the Jinzhou Binhai New Area temporarily with the implementation of relevant matters of the project, our company actual controller, on behalf of the Fuling District People's government to fulfill the responsibilities of investor Chongqing District of Fuling City, state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission clear request to suspend the implementation of the project."

daily economic news reporter noticed that Fuling pickled radish products are selling well. The 2017 semi annual report, the other with appetizers (including kelp and radish) in the first half operating amount of 58 million 236 thousand and 700 yuan, an increase of 102.03%. Fuling pickled mustard tuber has also indicated that the project utilizes the high-quality and abundant resources of Liaoning Province, and layout the 50 thousand tons / year radish deep processing project, which is an important part of the company's implementation of the industrial structure optimization and adjustment. After the completion of the project, it will further meet the needs of the company's development.

Jinzhou Binhai New Area specific department of the conditions do not have, why the actual controller of the company's local SASAC will press the pause button on the project? In December 26th, the daily economic news reporter called Fuling pickled mustard tuber securities department. The staff said that the company is a local state holding company, and the approval of relevant parties is needed for large-scale projects. The main reason for this suspension is that environmental problems have not been solved.

There is no timetable for

's future progress,

although the framework agreement has been signed for only three months, Fuling mustard planning has been at least half a year. Jinzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce in April 17, 2017 Jinzhou municipal government official website published the show, "investigation of Fuling mustard group project investment minister Yu Bangbing, procurement minister Chen Linlai I, the person in charge of matters and projects related to my area in-depth exchange."

the article also mentioned the Fuling mustard investigation on the local sewage treatment plant: "the delegation has come to the industrial park, Binhai New Area Binhai New Area sewage treatment plant, vegetable planting base location, layout and infrastructure supporting the construction of a detailed understanding of the industrial park, and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Binhai New Area leading the discussion."

when can the environmental issues be resolved, and whether the project restarts has a timetable? The staff said the relevant matters should be further promoted and negotiated, but it is still not clear for the time being. If there is any progress, the company will announce it in time.

, in this regard, the reporter also called the Propaganda Department, the Bureau of Commerce and the Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Binhai New Area of Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, where the Business Bureau telephone failed to connect, and the other two departments staff did not know about the related matters.

According to the

of Fuling mustard September announcement, if the two sides signed the framework agreement on the date of signing no substantive progress within one year (if not for the project, land registration, item company), the agreement is automatically terminated and the signing of the agreement the two sides shall not bear any responsibility.

noteworthy is that Fuling mustard has been suspended since December 4th and has not announced specific issues because of the issue of asset purchases. So, the 50 thousand tons of radish investment project is suspended, and whether to issue shares to purchase assets is related to? The securities department staff said the two were not related. return to the Sohu, see more


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