The teaching of mathematics should be focused on the improvement of human quality (Welfare)

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rumours that it is no longer "core literacy" and "key capabilities", so the core literacy is out of date. For example: the recent Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued "on deepening reform of the education system and mechanism of the opinions", all did not mention the core value, but that should pay attention to training to adapt to the requirements of the times the key ability of lifelong development and support".

I don't care much about it. Share a 1990 article for you. Do not think he is out of date, a little change, and a few fashionable words, so it is published.

There is welfare at the end of


mathematics teaching should focus on the improvement of human quality

Zhang Naida (Yangzhou Yangzhou middle school in Jiangsu)


with the implementation of nine year compulsory education, junior middle school education has changed from elite education to improving the quality education of the whole nation. In order to adapt to this change, junior middle school mathematics education has to make significant adjustments. This adjustment, of course to the performance of teaching content and teaching requirements change, reform of teaching method, but there is no doubt that this adjustment should first to change the thinking of mathematics education, mathematics education is to deepen the understanding of the function and purpose, is the focus of mathematics education to improve students the quality, improve the quality of the whole nation.


improve the quality of people, improve the quality of the whole nation, nurturing a new generation of "Four Haves", is the basic task of the education. The "nine year compulsory education full H primary school junior high school teaching plan (preliminary draft)" announced by the State Education Commission points out that:

"in accordance with the requirements of the national compulsory education for nine years in full-time primary school, junior middle school education, must carry out the morality, intelligence and physique comprehensive development policy, so that children and adolescents have more comprehensive basic education, improve the quality of the whole nation, cultivate socialist citizens with ideal, morality, culture and discipline, lay a preliminary foundation for fostering all kinds of talents of socialist construction."

here, the focus of education is to improve the quality of people. But for a long time, we are accustomed to regard mathematics education simply as a specialized teaching subject, emphasizing on the imparting and application of knowledge, emphasizing on the training of specific ability and the mathematics education. The value of educating people is lacking enough estimation and neglects the great role of mathematics education in improving the overall quality of human beings.

's one-sided understanding tendency is also shown in the current full-time middle school mathematics syllabus. The outline pointed out at the beginning of the Outline:

, "mathematics is the science of studying the form and quantity relations of the real world. It is widely applied in modern life and modern production. It is an indispensable tool for learning and studying modern science and technology. Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in the middle school. It is very important for students to learn mathematics in high school, and to build our country into a great socialist country that is modernized in industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology in the new historical period.

from above, you can clearly see that according to the current syllabus, mathematics has become an important basic subject in high school, just because it is the "basic tools" essential, and the tool value, and the main surface now "widely used" mathematical knowledge, therefore, whether it is useful become the main basis "Outline" selected teaching content of middle school mathematics to choose basic mathematical knowledge in modernization and the necessary learning of modern science and technology and acceptable to students as the teaching content.

From this point of view,

will not be able to give prominence to the "educational value" of mathematics teaching, so it is impossible to rectify the serious pragmatism tendency and short-term behavior in mathematics education. At present, many students have refused to study mathematics on the grounds that he will not use the current knowledge of mathematics that he is engaged in in the future. If the problem is not clear now, with the implementation of the nine year compulsory education, with the adjustment of mathematics teaching, this pragmatism tendency and short-term behavior will become more and more intense, which will bring great harm to mathematics education.

should be pointed out that what we mean is not to say that mathematics education not for the realization of the four modernization service, do not pay attention to practical, but should see, not practical mathematics education become the fundamental starting point, only to develop four personnel, as much as possible to improve a person's quality, so as to improve the quality of the whole nation is the education is the basic task of mathematics education, only to achieve this task, can be said that education has made greatest contribution to the realization of the four modernizations.

can not because of the "Outline" surrounding the development of "Four Haves" such a center to explain the purpose and task of mathematics education, therefore, in the specific purpose of the mathematics teaching of exposition, although not the right opinion, but lack of depth, thus weakening the guiding significance of "Outline" of the middle school mathematics teaching, so many long-standing one-sided understanding and practice, not to clarify and correct.


The crux of the

problem is that in Mathematics Education (

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