Tencent terminates the cooperation with snakes, which is doubtful.

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original title: Tencent terminates cooperation with snake brother, suspected to hang up?

recently, "font-size: style= "font-size: 16px style= Colin was challenged in the anchor snake brother Jedi survival game the use of plug-in. There are many seemingly "real hammer" , which is still entangled with the snake brother. Yesterday, it issued a statement: I hung up for ten years. If I don't hang up, say that my real hammer is three months in prison.

four a.m., > your title! I personally respond to your video! I won't respond to you on micro-blog and live! , first of all, thank you for making your own video so careful! But I want to give you the principle of this chastity! the so-called instant mirror is the moment that the mirror is not completely open! Find your opponent and aim! Sadakazu difference is because the speed is still in front of you opening delay rate! The speed behind is the speed of the lens completely open! I'm not a technical house! I also have to consult a professional to respond to your chastity problem! And the lung has a 0.2-0.3 second delay this thing I've corrected you before! And you say my little finger is not holding a button but holding it! How do you explain the back of my lungs? Why don't you be a professional, so why don't you first study the exact time of the lung and a chaste contrast of chastity? You are really in the myths of me! If I'm really self - aiming! Every time I was on the camera, I completely opened the chastity to the self - aim key! And there's no deviation! I'm really crazy! You can study all the good players on the basis of the principles I tell you! Can the instantaneous mirror lock to others even in the moment of opening the lock head! You see if their lens is all you call a chaste lock! This is the last time I respond to you! These are all basic knowledge of the game! I think you are a game blind and don't count on you! but I hope you stop misleading the public! Run naked at home. if you have a temper, I respect you too! Just hope that your video is so far! And then all the so-called real hammers I'll overthrow! If you're someone else's gun, just fart. And I saw your lock video before I looked really angry! I haven't been able to hold my breath because of my breath shaking! When I was at the back head you say I hold a self start! And then release the self - aim! And then hold the sights! This is done in a few virginity! Big brother if you know that. Then I have more cattle than the Blitz! And I told you before that you had to take a sights! Turn over his day's video and a game of video! Take a good look at the same point in his position! But you can't just look at the same point on the waist just like the two guns. Each time interpretations of their own video are so far fetched! The third is also called a cheer you! That is completely opening after speed! Is that TM a waist? The flicker also has a little limit. You study so long video that you can't react to this virginity? You have so much to study video technology that the IQ is not low! And so many people have corrected your lung delay and you have to mislead the public and say I'm not holding your breath! I was still talking about my fans! Don't take other people's money! Unworthy of their conscience! All your videos I believe I've already explained! I'm not going to keep you in jail! Those are my things! my comments I will screenshot! I hope you don't delete it!

five morning, "font-size: style= micro-blog, to yesterday rhetoric to apologize, but at the same time, yesterday that a hanging open to ten years in micro-blog, do not know is deleted or hidden. No display.

the original is as follows:

I apologize for the micro-blog I published yesterday! Listen to a lot of audience's opinion and everybody's message! It is true that the language has been a little impulsive recently because of some excesses and pressure. Can be said to be in the country now! Because I can assure you that you can't find a more hated person than I do! ( under the premise that I did not prove that I was not a hang out! Please

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