Chicken breast so fried, crispy salty tender could not, the taste is simply invincible

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original title: chicken breast so fried, crispy salty tender could not, the taste is simply invincible

this year is the year of chicken, naturally can't leave chicken. It is true that we Chinese have a set of research on chicken eating. What chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, heart-shaped ass and so on site, can be made into a delicious dishes. For example, the chicken breast so fried, crispy salty tender rice in a way, the taste is really invincible. Eat chicken friends, quickly rolled up his sleeves and do eat.


frozen chicken, lemon oil,


, tomato sauce, tomato

, into the oil pan fires the amount of heating, almost six of chicken fried to mature into. First start the fire and heat it, wait until the oil temperature comes up and then fry it with a medium fire.

, the fried golden surface, to see the beautiful colors, with the chopsticks all over with an appearance, instead of small fire fry for about 1 minutes.

(3), there will be a lot of small bubbles, and we can get over it. With (Zh, O Li) colander remove and drain the oil dish.

small tomato and the wash, put tomatoes cut began to wobble, stood on the side of the chicken. In the end, a little lemon juice was drenched, and a fried chicken willow with an appetite was finished. The ingredients here are used for decoration, and lemon juice is for greasy, chewing the mouth with a sweet smell of lemon.

I bought a chicken in the supermarket frozen, making it very convenient to directly get the pan fried on the line. Or you make your own chicken breast, cut it in advance and marinate it, and then you can fry it with the bread bran. Eat the chicken in the refrigerator can be frozen, what time to eat fried again.

uses this Japanese dish for frying. It has a very daily style. It can add a lot of beauty to your dishes. A few days I prepared to put their own possession of several dishes for you, is this year as you to my attention and support. Every time you push the article, you must have a lot of interaction with the catalpa, so you have the opportunity to take away the gift.

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