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original title: five-star hotel was traced to the toilet brush cup, the pot back and "individual"

the cleaning man first brushes the cup with a toilet brush and then brushes the toilet with the same toilet brush. Then she wipes the cup with a bath towel, dips the toilet water, and finally puts the towel on the floor.

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toilet brush to clean the cup, towel dipped in the toilet water cleaning, bath and toilet brush mix...... Recently, there are users with cleaning staff identity into Harbin Kempinski, Shangri-La, Sheraton Yongtai 3 star hotels in unannounced visits, found the staff of the behavior, causing widespread concern.

yesterday, the Propaganda Department of Harbin Municipal Committee issued a report, confirming the existence of video reflection and punishments for 3 hotels involved. 3 hotels have also issued a statement of apology and said that measures will be taken to ensure that employees are able to perform their operations according to the quality standards.

"cleaning staff use the toilet brush cup . Video screenshot

towel, toilet brush cup

"the cup is done in this (the wash pool)." A male worker said, "the regular kind of disinfectant, we can do it in this brush."

In the face of "

cup without disinfection?" In question, the other answer: "yes".

this is a video taken by a net friend. Video display, the Kempinski Hotel in Harbin, a cleaning staff first with the toilet brush cup, then use the same toilet toilet brush. Then she wipes the cup with a bath towel, dips the toilet water, and finally puts the towel on the floor.


"cleaners use a towel wipe glass . Video screenshot

cleaning workers cleaned up quickly and complained that "it's so urgent every day." The netizen then asked, "is this the way to clean up every day?" She whispered, "every day, but can't say."

at Shangri-La Hotel, a cleaning worker wiped the cup with a rag. He used the same cloth to wipe the trash bin, then cleaned it directly in the toilet and washed the mat in the bathtub.

cleaning, the cleaning staff also use the bath brush to clean the toilet, and said that according to the provisions of the brush is used separately, but the trouble so mixed. In addition, she also cleaned the toilet, washbasin and bathtub with the same cleaning agent.


"cleaners with a towel dipped in water to clean the toilet . Video screenshot

for the above behavior, the cleaning staff said, "when there are guests do not brush, belongs to the illegal operation." And instruct, "pay attention to your own work, don't let the leader see it."

at the Sheraton Hotel in Yongtai, the cleaning staff used the same brush to clean the wash basin, brush the toilet, and stack the quilt on the ground.


"for cleaning staff to wash the cups dishcloth trash . Video screenshot

and at the end of the video visit, the netizens asked the above 3 hotel staff one after another about the cleaning problem. The other side said the room cleaning was strictly in accordance with the operation procedures, and cups, teapots and other appliances will be cleaned and sterilized, and someone will check it.


". Video screenshot

confirmation of the real hotel is penalized

afore-mentioned video attracts wide attention. On the afternoon of 26, the Harbin Municipal Tourism Bureau replied to the media that it was very important to the exposure events and had been involved in the investigation.

27 morning, Harbin Municipal Propaganda Department issued informed that after the incident, the City Planning Commission set up by the local tourism committee composed of the joint investigation team, 3 hotels on someone's Kempinski, Shangri-La, Sheraton Yongtai launched the site investigation.

"wash basin, toilet with a toilet brush . Video screenshot

for the exposure of the video "

From: 五星酒店被曝马桶刷刷茶杯,结果背锅的又是“个别员工”
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