Christmas review: an apple pie rose

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original title: Christmas review: an apple pie rose

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pea fruit Beijing city group - recruited!

into the arms of the organization!

working day is tired and can't touch the last Sunday.

Christmas bell sounded the moment, look around this city without snow city, is the toast of the lamps and candles of a myriad families, sound.

Santa has never been late.

our gift is not late.


, "I want to give you a baking lesson" collection, the top 7 users with the highest number of . On Christmas Eve December 24th, came to food supermarket, , to join our free baking line course.

this time our theme is Christmas. Rose apple pie

Apple sour, butter flavor, honey sweet, in the oven together played Christmas symphony, the Sorcerer's role in raw materials, each other chemical reactions are delicious.

isn't the food more touching than the roses?

after all, an apple pie rose, both to love and to have a full belly.

Mi little fish taught the teacher to love and put all his understanding of love and beauty into the dough and apple of his hands, so that many flowers were blooming out of the baking tray, giving off the unique fragrance of food.

maybe every dish in the ordinary day, every dessert, is the love that we fail to say.

love to hang in the mouth, no, love should be put into the chowhound stomach.

thanks the bakery for his strong support for the roasting course under this line!

calciner - the family roasted good helpers!

made a food, watching them through your hands, from flour, icing...... It becomes the delicacy of a lover's hand. The process might be tired, but the moment they saw the smile on their faces -

Merry Christmas is no longer just a blank blessing, but the most true feeling of sharing the food.

"Lyon, I think I have fallen in love with you, this is my first love, you know?"

"you are not in love, how do you know that is love?"

"because I can feel it."


"in my stomach, feeling very warm, I used to feel that there was a knot, now not."

- the movie "The Professional"

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