Worry about children being bullied at school? Don't be afraid, the Ministry of education has unveiled new rules

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original title: worry about children being bullied at school? Don't be afraid, the Ministry of education has unveiled a new rule to define


Henan commercial newspaper reporter Ma Junfeng

all the time, parents are worried about bad eating, bad sleep, unhealthy body and hard work.

, but in recent years, with the exposure of the media, more and more parents are beginning to worry about whether their children will be in school, which is supposed to be the most secure environment, too early to receive "malicious" and bullied.

as a parent, browse the related news, "bullying" label, is always the first time to test the attention caused by Jun.

this time, when the "bullying" appears again in kaoxue Jun sight, has brought a new news: December 27th morning, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to introduce "to strengthen the comprehensive management of primary and middle school students bullying program".


governance program has made clear regulations from the definition of the student bullying to the education punishment for the students who have carried out bullying.

what measures do you have to ensure the safety of children in school? Follow the test you a look!

"student bullying" in the end?

according to the actual work of middle school students lack of a clear definition of bullying, "governance plan" proposed, students bullying occurs in Campus (including primary and secondary schools and secondary school students, occupation) and between the Party (individual or group) single or multiple malicious through body language and network, the implementation of the means of bullying and insult, caused by the other party (individual or group) bodily injury, property damage or mental damage and other events.

In the actual work, all the schools of

strictly distinguish between the students' bullying and the students' playfulness and playfulness, which is properly handled.

effectively prevent bullying?

test from "control plan" in the king learned that the "plan" in a clear four positive and effective measures to prevent students from bullying:

I. education is strengthened in schools.

primary and secondary schools carry out education in every semester, set up teaching modules in morality and rule of law, and regularly conduct primary education on bullying prevention for primary and middle school students.

two, carrying out parental training.

strengthens parents' training through organizing regular training courses in schools or communities, guides parents to enhance awareness of rule of law, implements guardianship responsibilities, and helps parents understand students' knowledge of bullying.

three, strengthen school management.

speed up the construction of campus video surveillance system, emergency alarm device and so on, establish and improve various rules and regulations to prevent and control student bullying, and establish a student bullying Governance Committee according to the actual situation.

four, regular investigation.

commissioned regular third party organizations or schools to conduct regular surveys of bullying prevention for all students, and timely find signs of bullying or bullying events that have occurred and are happening.

handle student bullying properly?

"governance program" is clear that the disposal of students' bullying is based on schools and should be carried out according to law.

1. in the investigation and processing stage: it is clear to strictly standardize the investigation and treatment.

After finding a clue to bullying,

school should investigate and deal with incidents in time according to the student's bullying emergency response plan and process, and decide whether the incident is a student's bullying behavior by the school student bullying control committee.

note: on the principle of , the school should complete the investigation within 10 days of the start of the investigation process and dispose of it according to the relevant regulations.

2. if there is a complaint: it is clear to properly handle the appeals request.

the county-level prevention and control of the students' bullying department is responsible for dealing with the request of the student bullying. For the reexamination, the investigation group, composed of school representatives, parents' representatives and outside experts, should be rechecked by the county-level prevention and control students' bullying departments.

note: the review of should be completed within 15 days.

The cases of

involving law involving litigation should not be accepted by the bullying Department of the prevention and control of the students, and should be included in the corresponding legal procedures in time.