Before her camera, Beckham took off his clothes and the queen took off the crown.

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original title: before her camera, Beckham took off his clothes and the queen took off the crown...

great artists, all will use their works to record and reflect on their times.

du to the old man today less a photographer may be the greatest of the century: in front of her, Beckham took off all his clothes, and even the queen took the crown of


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Anne Leibovitz" --

maybe you Anne "font-size: 16px;" > Leibovitz is not familiar with the name, but her works you will not unfamiliar, entertainment, sports,

the neck is swallowed by swan neck Leonardo Dicaprio:"

Kate " Blanchett:

nude squat Beckham:

removed the crown,

from Nixon resigned to the Obama campaign, from the age of rock music known to today's Hollywood celebrities, Anne Leibovitz used his lens, recording a trend and impression of age. In the words of Hilary:

"she is the record of our national era, recording what we think. "


great, is probably the John Lennon kiss Yoko Ono curled up naked.

1980 Lennon and Yoko's album "Double Fantasy" release, Anne took a group photo in their apartment. Anne suggested that they take a picture of naked hug.

so we see this picture, Lennon naked, holding his beloved woman, weak but so powerful, Lennon very satisfied:

"you made a precise picture of my relationship with Yoko. "

but no one knows, after 4, 5 hours after this photo is taken

From: 在她镜头前,贝克汉姆脱光了衣服,英女王摘掉了皇冠...
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