The present world is gathered! The collection of the works of the spirit of Yuan Qi

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original title: present world aggregation! "Yuan Qi to seal the God" players' works collection hot to open

Hu Levin, game publishers, Luna mutual entertainment developed two dimensional "gods" fairy fight Mobile Games vitality, with full of Oriental elements, to create "two dimensional diffuse"! Today (December 27th), "the official start" Qi fan works solicitation, game player can not only get official offer limited chance in game peripherals, game equipment own work!

as a two dimensional elements have obvious works, "gods" vitality since the beta, with a large hole in the story, the brain wind charm of the painting, Li have a unique style design, attracted a lot of attention to game player. The game player among gods, is also gradually produced a painting, clay figurine and other kinds of Fanfiction, in their own way to express the love of "vitality" of the gods!

and the Lao Zhu long story in the BOSS figure why not love to kill? Shen Gong Bao, Jiang Ziya really is on the surface so incompatible? David and the deified dog has past entangled what ""...... All sorts of ideas, breaking the "official" set, can enjoy the play in your creativity!


" today (December 27th) the strength of open game player work solicitation, including painting, writing, news video in three aspects. Game player released the related works in the official activities of the platform, not only have the opportunity to get Yu Ding real life sized pillow, limited mouse pad and other physical surrounding, and more likely to make their work to implement the game! If you are interested in this event, you only need to pay attention to the official micro-blog, WeChat, and post bar for the first time to get the most detailed information. So what, come and join the ~ return to the Sohu, see more


From: 现世集结!《元气封神》玩家作品征集火热开启
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