How to avoid becoming a "greasy" middle-aged teacher

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original title: how to avoid becoming a "greasy" middle-aged teacher

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middle age crisis is unavoidable, how should we avoid becoming a "greasy" middle-aged teacher?

recently, another wave of midlife crisis in the circle of friends coming, "how to avoid becoming a fat middle-aged man", "how to avoid becoming a middle-aged woman" greasy, a lot of people crying, "I just put down the cup, what time become rich?"

, without any family disputes and career bottlenecks, you may be labeled "greasy" overnight. Even if others don't speak, you may play your drums in your heart. Do I get oily or oily? The teacher of this group, they are generally very calm, "we just, we will finally be the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze, is greasy, but also the teacher group", a midlife crisis can hardly be avoided, how can we avoid becoming a "greasy" middle-aged teachers?


is still not fat (wow ha ~)

what is the favorite sport in the circle of friends? In addition to the dancing mother of the square, it is the middle age crisis crowd. Every year after the results of school physical examination, there are a lot of middle-aged teachers to sun fatty liver, hyperglycemia, high cholesterol test, see people startling. These people are basically finally embarked on the exercise of the road, there are people from fatty liver patients, living their practice became a runner, at the age of 40 began training for a marathon, swear before the age of 46 to run the world's top 6 events; some people walking to lose weight, walk 30 kilometers a day, a thin summer lost 40 pounds, meet acquaintances can not recognize it.

Nanjing Agricultural University recently opened a sports long class, popular network, the highest student record for 51 pounds of weight loss, it is scientific and regular exercise can lose weight, students can do more to teachers, students, classroom only if the fat man is standing in front of you, it is really embarrassed!


is responsible for

in this age of brush face, you must do your best to keep the instrument neat and fit.

many female teachers preparing lessons, lectures during the day, night to accompany the baby, year-round, busy regardless of their image, "I even have no time to look in the mirror", "one day I walked into the classroom to get up in the morning, did not wash hair casually with a rubber band prick, long time pruning is common. A teacher said that one day, the students went to the platform and asked her, "teacher, do you especially love to stay up late?" How can you be so dark in your eye circle? " At that time, she had a bitter heart, "bear child, can't you be hard to break?!"

, a student on micro-blog, said he went to a hairdresser's shop on weekends, and met a middle-aged male balding teacher. The hairdresser asked him how to cut it. The teacher said, "can you cut my hair a lot?" The hairdresser of the hairdresser who had not eaten for a day cried.

when the teacher is not easy, must be externally, from now on, strongly recommend that female teacher before class painting makeup, change the style of dress, elegant and not a mistake; male teachers, each class in a different shirt, don't tell the students the same style, you bought 5 pieces.


thoroughly clean your home and office

when the teacher came, a dozen years as a teacher, the book is more, plus a variety of student papers, project application materials and data report, your office and your house of study must be packed. Some people say that the more chaotic people are, the more creative they are, but most of them are messy desk, confused minds, and dirty.

is looking for a big cleaning in the weekend. If you throw it away, you can't do it yourself. You can hire a part-time worker, and believe that professionals will greatly improve your chances of success.


cure your procrastination

in fact, many people are sloppy procrastination caused, and procrastination is a need for treatment of mental illness, don't think you just a little slow, probably much more serious than you think.

, according to the survey, middle-aged teachers are most likely to suffer from job burnout. People who are between 40-42 years old are most likely to be suspicious of their past happiness. Delays are because they don't want to do it, but don't want to do it because they feel bored. Many middle-aged teachers are facing a life bottleneck, the title is difficult, core journal articles on teaching is not easy, no passion, feel yourself what grabbed his neck, want to resist, but do not know where the opponent. At this time, you especially need to get rid of your procrastination habits.


can have money, but don't own

some middle-aged teachers walked on the way of teaching and research, and became executive leaders. Their positions changed. They also changed with people. The interests were much more involved, and the temptation was more.

and the teacher's social work

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