Red jujube in such a pot, detoxification, beauty, whitening skin, make you 60 years old not to show old!

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a day to eat three dates, life is not significantly older

red date nourishing yin and enriching the Yang, nourishing the blood and enriching the blood

tea, soup, cook for

red dates like this, do not miss the

1, eight treasures tea

material: red dates, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, rose, ginseng, longan, sugar

, Green Tea


1. prepares all the ingredients.

2. is brewed in hot water, warm and nourishing.


Coconut Juice cake, red dates

material: shelled jujube, ice sugar, horseshoe powder, coconut milk


1. boil water, add ice sugar and jujube, and cook for 15 minutes.

2. transfer the red jujube sugar water to the mixer, then filter the red jujube sugar water, not the red date residue.

3. add the horseshoe powder to the red jujube sugar water, stir well, and then filter the juice to spare.

4. boil water and add ice sugar until it is boiled.

5. add coconut milk and horseshoe powder, stir well, and then filter the juice.

6. on the plate, first into the half of the red jujube juice, water steam for 8 minutes to solidify.

Pour half of the

7. Coconut Juice, and then steamed for 8 minutes.

8. repeats the fifth, sixth step. In the end, the room temperature is cool and the beautiful red jujube cake can be eaten.

3, red jujube walnut crisp

materials: red dates, walnuts, oats, flour, butter, syrup, and soda


1. the red jujube cut and cut into pieces, and the walnuts are cut into small pieces.

2. add the jujube, walnut, oatmeal, and flour in the bowl and mix well.

4. after the butter syrup is cooled to room temperature, add to the flour mixture, add eggs, and mix well. Then move to the baking tray.

5. the oven preheated, put in the baking tray, and bake for 30 minutes until the surface is golden.

6. can also add cashew, almonds and raisins on the basis of personal preferences.

can also be eaten directly with walnuts, more delicious!

4, From: 红枣这样煲,排毒养颜,美白靓肤,让你60岁不显老!
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