Wang Laoju struck! Public survey of the whole people's hero

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original title: Wang Laoju struck!

of the whole people's hero

rolling in the Yangtze River eastward, spray hero! In the "three wind diffuse long-awaited national Mobile Games Yingjie biography", tomorrow for the fate of the beta! Take you back to the world, feel the country man wind fantasy three new, it not only conquered the king Laoju and other well-known B UP main station, more teeth, male headed God show more than anchor live broadcasting, launched in the diffuse wind within the whole network! The burst of laughter and live broadcast, officially opened the "national hero" of the carnival journey!

is popular with the whole network of the country to lead the trend of

in the "national hero" in the whole network of attention to the heat explosion, many well-known B station UP owners have expressed the love of the game. Wang Laoju from gameplay, selection and collocation, the generals generals lineup skills and in figure painting and diffuse wind vertical direction, to the depth of the game game player brings to explain, make game player hooked!

"national Yingjie biography" not only in the game style opened the country diffuse trend, excellence is still the game content, launched the strategy card without immediate operation play, let the game player more involved, the real experience of operating three the number of generals fun. At the same time, a man will lead the Huya Sao three mysterious large coffee anchor, will be broadcast live on the December 27th "national Yingjie biography" fate of the open beta, bring the best game for game player who live, I believe it will lead to a country man feast!

mystical big Cafe hallowed

mysterious airborne "National Biography" anchor Yingjie, in addition to previous exposure of the tiger headed male god Sao male, whether the other three well-known anchor is where sacred, caused countless hot game player. Players expect the highest number to be:

gaming Goddess - MISS

When the goddess MISS

tiger. With a sweet appearance and excellent operation, known as the goddess of gaming. In the "national Yingjie biography" fate of beta, miss can live on stage, to show their game player and game operations take place in coquettish, became the biggest mysteries.

B station Dog King - Miyamoto dog rain

B station known UP main palace of the dog rain. Relying on the funny live style and easy to understand live content, it is called Dog rain kindly by the players. As an industry benchmarking, can he appear in the live studio as the players want? Let's wait and see.

gaming division Ma - Sima

Sima, with his unique understanding of the game, became the top player in the national costume. It is no exaggeration to say that great Sima is an excellent product. Many fans hope that teacher Ma can produce a tutorie of "the whole nation's hero".

B famous UP -- the main Xiaoyaosan people

B is a well-known game station Xiaoyaosan people live UP, with high difficulty action game I game player wanna series is affectionately known as "people do not". What can the people in the "national Yingjie biography", by the enemy destroy mission?

B LexBurner

-- King tongue station

LexBurner is the B station animation, game explanation, good professional tucking UP master. Tongue style focus Tucao, daily black crown. Can the LexBurner bring professional game explanation and funny live broadcast to players this time?

has a long history.

based "national standard in Yingjie biography" card Mobile Games on offer over three generals to collect, accumulate easily for game player ideal lineup, and animation Tencent licensed genuine "monster" list of linkage to join. In the process of collecting hundreds of Three Kingdoms, the players will deeply experience the cultural charm of the Three Kingdoms.

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