Feng Teemo was happy camp, Di Ali Gerba imitation show anchor!

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original title: von Teemo was happy camp, Di Ali Gerba imitation show anchor!

happy base has always been popular with everyone, and it's one of the best programs for the mango table. While in the program will often go to some guest star, according to promos, happy camp the next program will go to the Red Net anchor von teemo.

von Teemo is a popular anchor of paradise, there are a lot of fans! Hear this news, imagine Teemo fans very happy!

in the program, Di Ali Gerba also performed a parody, imitation Teemo live, also said he was looking to put love Teemo live. I didn't think that the stars were the same as us!

von Teemo is a alive and kicking image in our eyes, but see the first time on the show, is still very shy. But the anchor domestic mainstream entertainment recognition is a very good thing, hope Teemo can bring us a wonderful performance in the program!

tick - broadcast live aggregation (didabo.com) original.

attention, attention to Feng Ultimo, on happy camp! return to the Sohu, see more


From: 冯提莫竟然上快乐大本营,迪丽热巴模仿主播表演!
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