"Heroic journey" story frame: instead of making yourself a hero, it's better to make a hero a hero

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original title: "heroic journey" story frame: rather than make herself into a hero, let the user become a hero


only mastered the most basic human emotions, through space-time, race, can tell the story of language -- which is why literature and film and television works well to hit the world, because behind these selling creative products have the same moving characteristics, the key is to first understand human nature, to tell a good story.

live students Chinese teacher is a history buff, love story, one day learned "Fisherman's story", Chinese teacher Kan, imperceptibly, because the devil chatted about the "journey to the west";

one teacher said: "why the monkey king Monkey King, but not the way the monster?"

leads the students to be eager, different opinions, but

teacher suddenly hated the most up to LaiFu Railway Station, said: "I know;"


was surprised and asked him quickly, "what's the reason? "

said: "I saw live unhurried encounter havoc when they are working to the Jade Emperor, so everyone is mean, not really hard; on the road of the monster is on his own, so really hard."

language, the class broke out in applause; a story in the end be able to produce what magic, ranglaifu and Chinese teacher for this was incompatible between teachers and students, the Freemasonry!

recently I was particularly obsessed with the archetype. The prototype, real people or events is not a story to story, narrative mode and structure but the story; by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung said, the prototype is a long pre-existing form in culture and tradition, is the collective unconscious under a common symbol of human culture; youth the hero, the wisdom of the elderly, deformation, dark opponents, there are always some types of characters appear repeatedly in different stories, these repeated characters, and maternal images, is "human since ancient times accumulated and inherited all the psychological experience, a specific psychological force formed by the genetic endowment".

as the myth of master Joseph Campbell [Joseph Campbell] said: "we need to provide guidelines for the myth of his life, need to contact to the eternal myth, need to understand the mystery of life myth, can be found in its original appearance, the myth is to help us find the inner self index;" Hollywood increasingly believe in Campbell thought, this actually is not surprising, as a writer, producer, director, screenwriter, Campbell's idea is a perfect toolbox, which is full of durable tools, suitable to build a story.

With these tools,

can almost always make up stories, dramatic, entertaining and psychological truthfulness in face of any circumstances and requirements;

first, a heroic journey: use a story to tell you all about growth,

knows how to tell a good story, but how to tell the story well and interesting is a millennium problem.

20 years ago, the myth of master Joseph Campbell (Joseph Cambpell) gives his answer, but his answer made this 80% classic drama, you will find that both the J K Rowling's "Harry Porter", or the unprecedented popularity of the "matrix" and so on literature / film and television works, are behind this the shadow of the narrative framework.......

if I tell you, I can use a story to tell you all about growth. Do you believe it? Try it, three words:

1. heroic journey: it's your growth story,

is so similar to these myths and heroic stories that it is itself a prototype for people to enter the growing area from the comfort zone (to go on the journey), self break through (defeat the big devil) and self integrate (return to home) prototype;

for most people, growth means that now life is very comfortable people (their world little king) to go out from my castle, into the unknown, which need a reason or a call -- sometimes life will be good at giving systematic guidance to you. But most of the time, life is to kick you in, and then in a whole new game where you meet the teacher, find friends, meet the enemy; many when you do not distinguish between friend and foe, confuse them.

you are getting closer to a difficult goal (the king of magic), breaking through yourself in a hard way and getting new abilities and horizons. Then, with the new ability to return to the old first heart (return).