We all have the foundation, why she is so beautiful!

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original title: we all have the foundation, why she is so beautiful!

work student party can learn

from her

of > wear


in our daily wardrobe, can be said to have 80% single product based models are based, the biggest advantage is all-match, these simple foundation shall not elaborate collocation, generally cannot hold that Guadan, it's easy to become "a passer-by".

Mar a Vald s is a Spanish fashion blogger, her style of dress with simple, very comfortable but never lack of bright spots, single product utilization rate is very high, a very good reference, work or student party daily outfit can learn from her.

Mar a Vald s's outfit in most basic, most wear is flat shoes, and she wear a simple fashion sense.

we today to see Mar a Vald s is how to wear the color of the ~

based models.

change a color

if your wardrobe is often the same color of the foundation, the next time you buy the foundation, you may change a color and wear it will have a new look.

than grey black and white jacket, Mar a, Vald s are more willing to choose a pink tone, piercing the girl feeling. We

sweater is also frequently worn in autumn and winter, changing a purple or haze blue sweater, it looks fashionable. We

red sweater is temperament, everyday we generally would not think to take the collocation of a red dress, while Mar a Vald s wear this simple but fashionable look. We

handsome lamb jacket and soft fur coat are popular warm and cold products in autumn and winter. A special color and simple matching will be different. We

change a pair of trousers

fall there is a sweater, sweaters to keep warm and comfortable, is also very all-match, Mar a Vald s is a sweater lover, she will wear fashionable sweater secret is for a special pair of trousers, rather than simple collocation jeans can. We

knitted sweater jacket down, with a white jeans, to reduce the weight of the down garment, and the collocation is a lot of refreshing. We

Mar a Vald s special love combination sweater and overalls, wearing a sweater will be very young age have vitality, our daily wear this coat is sheathed on the outside, will be significantly higher. We

> she often uses striped pants to match the sweater, and she is looser and more thin. We