With the flame burning of sushi and sashimi bowl, let your love home run

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original title: flame burning sushi and sashimi bowl, let your love home run

some people say that love is a fire, the flames burned only to get really, so I came to the home run, from the scorched sushi and grilled rice Bobo, taste the taste of love...... If you want to love home run, then a wave of sushi! ::

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recommended in Ming Prince eel rice, when the eel in mentai sauce, plus tender boiled eggs, one time a dry faggot on a blazing fire and unable to extricate themselves.

Bailitouhong big crab rice is also a popular choice, fresh and delicious crab, plus Green Tea cheese sauce by flame after burning, and the smell of cheese with green tea.

Salmon Rice is the strength of the war, freshly cut salmon, collocation cheese juice, and boiled eggs and crab seed points to.

home run (KK ONE


address: No. 124 shop, first floor, KK ONE, Futian District, Shenzhen,

home run (poly Cultural Plaza)

address: Shenzhen city Nanshan District road five Xin poly Cultural Plaza, 2 floor

home run (Shenzhen University)

address: No. 6 / Friday Tak goods Park 2 building return Sohu, see more" editor-name "


From: 用火焰灼烧的寿司和刺身盖饭,让你的爱情全垒打
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