These stylish and all-match boots, Yang Mi Tang Yan are wearing reba! Do you have the one that you love?

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original title: these stylish and all-match boots, Yang Mi Tang Yan are wearing reba! Do you have the one that you love?

Arni, oh Robben ~

first meeting, I first introduced myself,

I am a new little editor - "small long leg"

this name is a "build" what I come to do!

Yes! after I (small long leg)

to be responsible for fashion wear Amway recommendation oh ~

what you want to see, you can comment on the message ~


as a fairy, how can our wardrobe not be refurbished!

last year's clothes did not seem to be worthy of this year's us...

New Year's new equipment, are you all starting to get ready?



, Suzy Gianna Jun rerba that wear a jacket, slim and stylish significantly higher! (attached purchase link ~)

and autumn winter trousers recommended

Liu Wen's sister-in-law hot bar love to wear these pants? Autumn and winter show thin trousers and Amway! (attached link Oh ~)

this time it's the turn of boots.

is it very exciting!

please manually for your small long legs to beat call!

to understand your preferences,

little long leg I have been secretly investigated!

remember about the boots lying on the


| still lying in the snow boots? Out! These boots make you beautiful and warm in the winter

after collecting your various appeals,

this give you a special boots,

> > whether you want to modify the leg type,

little long legs I would recommend for everyone!

below for reference ~


today, Amway will start from the shoe, which will refer to all the popular styles of boots this year ~ according to different leg type fairies to recommend, absolutely not to be missed ~

boots | Short boots

the annual winter boots can be said that the fairies have to buy a single product ~ boots this year unexpectedly into a lot of new elements, than in previous years, the trend of all-match, bold, dare to collocation has become synonymous with this season choose boots

From: 这些时髦又百搭的靴子,杨幂热巴唐嫣都在穿!有你爱的那款吗?
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