90 per capita can eat a big seafood meal on Gulangyu Islet

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original title: 90 per capita can eat a seafood meal on Gulangyu Islet

if not tourists, people living in Xiamen will be on the Gulangyu Islet around, since Gulangyu Islet on the go home after dinner drink, every time on the island with friends is the basic choice of drink, but fortunately, this shop price parity does not say, seafood is very fresh, very thoughtful service.

had a very good looking, in the bustling road leading, recently found in the shop next to the island and new stores and many unique environment, a quotation is super interesting, look at such as meal time, will eat a few bites?


store in a lane, before the entry to see seafood pool, half round pool cloth filled with all kinds of seafood seafood. From the seafood pool to the dining room, the color of white and blue, and the table and chair of the log, the refreshing tone gives people a comfortable feeling.

opened a new store is also has a new dish, but still the old love before each dish, to some, to satisfy my heart want to drink.

the fresh shrimp is also a new dish, right? The salads must not be missed. The shelling shrimps are mixed with the fruit and other fruits. It's a very refreshing taste. It's especially good.

boiled seafood eaten boiled, the five fresh, this seems to be the unique food drink home, not only has a five fresh, homemade pickled cabbage, radish collocation among them, eat seafood, again a few mouthfuls of hot and sour pickled cabbage, the fresh taste is really love it.

eat ginger ginger duck, Muyu? The new food really is unique, with yellow croaker do ginger fish, crispy skin yellow croaker, with ginger scent flavor, a crisp, a fresh mouth.


name for this dish of fish is magical, end to end, the fish slices in the shop, joined the pickle in them, but not spicy, with fragrant fresh flavor, steamed taste very good, eat fresh fish.

with crab dishes, all is love, crab squid must point the dish, it is fresh, salty taste of food.

at home to eat fried crab had the most suitable, cheap cream also thick, fried temperature happens.

A chicken longitudinal strain

of fried yam, fresh chicken albuminosus simple fry maintained the flavor is the most nutritious, love this delicate collocation.


fried oyster can not point a, the farm of sweet potato flour with our small oyster, a very good taste, often not enough to eat.