Masters and masterpieces, 8 answers, how to prepare for the things that never happened

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original title: Masters and masterpieces, 8 answers to the things that never happened to prepare

all great creation comes from the discovery of the unknown, but not everyone dares to go to the unknown! The tide of the times, there is a group of people, they despite wind and rain, waves, with extraordinary courage and creativity, leading the world into hitherto unknown future!

stop between history and reality, feel every transforms, different times bred leaders also have different characteristics. In the past, most leaders from past experience, they stand on the shoulders of giants, foresight, strategist, with a deep accumulation of resources and good timing, boarded the lead times of the ship.

, in this rapidly changing world, the progress of science and technology and the unbounded information bring more vitality. New generation leaders are born. Let us see that the era gives leaders a definition of renewal. Leaders can be anyone. They dare to break boundaries and innovate in different perspectives. They are willing to trial and error and evolve from one attempt to another. They are good at contingency and ready to challenge change and unknown.


2017, we work together to a new generation of Mercedes Benz S class car, once again invited to the most outstanding masters of the world, they share the social status of the perplexing understanding and view, and from their insight, learn how to prepare for those who had never happened in the history of things. Because we know that, in the rapid development and change constantly era, past and today's achievements can't lead the world has not yet come, unknown is full of infinite possibilities, only continuous innovation, in order to bring the next seconds to lead the amidst the winds of change, in the new era of extraordinary magnanimity, leading the world trend. As every generation of Mercedes - Benz S sedan, it is a bold start to the unknown, leading a new world to come.