These 4 "film force" rubber dolls, the moment to the other doll to compare!

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original title: these 4 "membrane force" rubber dolls, the moment to the other doll to compare!

no mention is not found, look at it carefully! No matter how they dress up on the day of the mad pull cool fashion fan, adorable cute doll and never give up ~

Princess of the little bones full of girl hearts from her different dolls, you can see that the three time are all the different dolls, which are all dolls.

Guan Xiaotong's long leg airport show also did not forget to put some dolls with dolls, very creative ~


adorable turtle collocation million platinum package, we should also only can such an aura of sugar collocation. ~

always go cool route Chris even childish side, lovely ~

William Chan's bosom in the arms of a rabbit? God is girl heart burst?

like dolphins and small dolphin combination, there is no sense of violation and was also a picture!

fans explained that because the stars take the long-distance plane very hard, the doll can be used as a pillow; others said, in order not to let their tired clownism paparazzi or fans to capture, but also affect the image; some say fans give yourself the gift of idol. But no matter what is the reason, they love doll girl heart but cannot hide completely!


rerba clip doll look too cute ~ seriously, nervous ~

the solemn expression of Wang Yuan

when the doll is caught

to clip doll, squat long legs chanyeol

although one "son" huppah, but can not stop his love for the pink rhinoceros! On his eighteen - year - old birthday, Po had a huge picture of a pink rhinoceros, no matter what size, he loved it! It's really the true love of the rhino, ~