Brazil 2017: youth fade foot pain

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original title: Brazil 2017: youth fade pain such as spinning

year-end, CCTV news media launched special planning "2017" in my eyes -- a personal perspective of CCTV correspondent on 2017 international the situation changes, the development of the world ripple perception. In this period, Liu Xiaoqian

no country snatched more than Brazil in 2016, first of all the five ring Olympic Games, followed by the attention of the president's impeachment.

whenever I travel in other Latin American countries, or to Chinese vacation, met someone who seems familiar to Brazil to talk a few mouth. The strong contrast of this and I first came to Brazil in 2011, you know at that time, many people only know that the Brazilian will play, that is the capital of Buenos Alice.

but in 2017, the hustle and bustle of Brazil was suddenly quiet.

Part of the reason for

is the aesthetic fatigue of the audience, and the other part of the reason is the "collective out" of foreign media.

since April, the large western media have been withdrawn. The Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) revoked the Rio office, and Al Jazeera and the guardian were in a state of vacancy. The CNN (CNN), which has been playing the international press card, has simply closed the Brazil press station directly.

Brazil famous "Pioi (Piau) magazine published an article titled" this "reporter in Brazil run" article, this phenomenon will be attributed to one point: world of Brazil is not interested in .

although the author did not directly point out the reasons for the reduction of interest, it gave a hint to the three covers of the economist.

cover figure > Delta "economist" three different period of BrazilThe first cover of

, , was published in 2009. With the bull market cycle of commodities and the macroeconomic policy of the previous government, Brazil then surpassed the excellent result of economic growth of 7.5% and defeated the Madrid in the same year to win the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The Brazil landmark, Jesus, is in a state of ignition that symbolizes the economic takeoff of the "Kingdom of football".


plot began to reverse in 2013 from the second cover of the cover, . The world cup and the Olympic Games two Games approaching, but Brazil has signs of weakness, and in 0.1% the staggering growth rate of the end of 2014. After taking off, Jesus was in a state of control.


arrived at the third cover of in 2016, Jesus looked up to the "save the life" brand. At this time, Brazil was facing the most serious economic recession in history. The turmoil in the political arena is adding to this economic crisis.

"ladder" in Brazil

Chinese often said: "sick as a mountain down, sick to go on foot." Brazil 2017 is the "ladder" of the year.

, the newly elected temer government launched a series of reform measures, including the reduction of public expenditure, the adjustment of monetary policy. After the hardest months, Brazil finally waited for the first good news: according to the official data released by Brazil, the first three quarters of 2017, Brazil's economy continued to grow, and the three quarter growth rate reached 1.3%, 0.8% and 0.1% respectively. At least in theory, Brazil has gradually gone out of the bottom of the recession.

, however, there is a certain degree of delay from data to reality. The unemployment population in Brazil is as high as thirteen million. In the streets of St Paul and Rio, the number of street sleepless people is increasing. A middle-aged man who slept in Rio San Dumont airport for a long time told reporters in Brazil that he was a manager of a bank several months ago, and produced relevant work proof.

delta before the manager of the Bank Street (photo from AFP


economic crisis has made the government's budget more difficult. In the worst deficit state of Rio De Janeiro, by February, the state government had not paid the police for overtime and bonus at the end of the year. The Rio police and prison guards were the first to enter the state of strike.

is in the city of "the city of God"

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