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original title: People's Daily: natural gene detection application research should be banned on suspicion of bluff and deceive


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with the rapid decline in technology and cost, gene detection has gradually moved from the biomedical laboratory to the clinic, approaching the general public life. Many institutions have also launched related services under the "name" of "gene detection can predict disease" and "gene detection can discover children's talent". What is the value of genetic testing in the end? How can we make better use of and effectively supervise the emerging technologies? This reporter launched a survey.

can cure all diseases?

can accurately identify and diagnose genetic diseases, but it does not apply to all diseases,

Ms. Li, who lives in the Shandong Ji'nan Tianqiao District, in Shandong, has recently done a pregnancy gene test. "I am a pregnant woman, afraid of the baby is not healthy, strictly according to the requirements of the doctor to carry out the inspection." Ms. Lee said that 20 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor found by B child development is not normal, after the gene screening of noninvasive peripheral blood, fetal abnormalities of chromosome 21 with Down syndrome risk is very high, the subsequent amniocentesis confirmed, Ms. Lee had to reluctantly termination of pregnancy.

Detection of

gene in prenatal examination ", to find out whether to carry mutations, the fetus after birth can cause serious disease if any, parents can choose to terminate the pregnancy, for eugenics." Zhang Hongbing, a professor at Basic College of Beijing Union Medical College, told reporters that from the clinical point of view, gene detection is to check the sequence of genes and compare with the parameters of healthy people to see whether these sequences are changed. If there is a change, find a variant of the gene that can cause the disease, so as to determine whether the detected person is sick, such as some genetic diseases.

"gene detection does have a high medical value." Beijing Jiyinjia technology limited company president Yang Ling believe that many genetic disease genes are very clear, through genetic testing, accurate detection and diagnosis of genetic disease. After the patient is diagnosed, targeted targeted therapy can be accepted to control the disease and reduce the pain caused by blind medical treatment.


, then, can genetic testing detect all diseases?

"gene detection doesn't have such a 'God'." Zhang Hongbing said that genetic variation does not necessarily produce disease, and some genetic variations only indicate that individual traits are different, such as the different looks of two people. From the medical point of view, most diseases have nothing to do with heredity, but are caused by external conditions and physical changes in the day after the patient. In the case of breast cancer, only 5% of the patients have a family history.

Yang Ling believes that whether genetic testing is effective or not has to be judged from specific diseases and scientific evidence and data accumulation. Complex diseases, such as common hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases, are not related to genes, and it is difficult to predict and diagnose diseases by gene detection.

stage, clinical genetic testing agencies are the mainstream, some will cause the mutation detection of disease genes, rather than do those with no reality whatever Association testing. Whether the mutation of the gene can cause the disease or not, the analyst with the need for gene detection has a high level of judgment, medical knowledge and clinical experience.


be able to measure talent?

The detection of

"natural gene" is not reliable, the concept of speculation, suspicion of bluff and deceive

"I heard that the present gene detection technology can detect children's talent. I want to discover the talent of my son earlier and cultivate him in a specific way. " Ms. Yang, who lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing, recently spent more than 5000 yuan on a "gifted gene" test for his 2 year old son. Ms. Yang said that after paying the bill from an electronic business platform, two days later, the sampling tool of the testing organization was received. According to the instructions, the oral cell was collected to the son, and then sent to the testing organization. In less than 20 days, it received the exquisite test report.

"the test report is more than 50 pages thick, there are a large number of data forms and English words, a lot of content can not be understood." Ms. Yang said that the contents of the report included artistic excellence, intelligence quotient, sports specialty and personality tendency. After that, dietary recommendations and future career development directions were noted.

's survey found that several business platform has sold "natural gene testing services, per unit price from 2000 yuan to 60000 yuan a month. Among them, more than 60000 yuan gene detection business claims that it is not only able to detect children's health, such as body development, disease risk, etc., but also detect children's natural potential, such as sports potential, artistic talent, learning ability and so on. The operation is very convenient, after the arrival of the goods using testing tools sampling, and then return to the inspection organization, after a period of time, the detection report can be received.


gene test really "count" the child's talent?

"to the current level of science and technology," the natural genetic testing is not reliable, suspected of bluff and deceive.

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