LOL game player, and hope to enhance the Bard auen Cui God, let them get hurt enough

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original title: LOL game player, and hope to enhance the Bard auen Cui God, let them get hurt enough to

is now approaching the end of 2017, and this year's LOL all new heroes so far are all put out, especially the last Zoe on-line, it is the world after the disaster, we are discussing this hero is too OP, but in fact there are many heroes in the changes are difficult to use even out no harm, Cui God is one, originally varied gameplay bard was also a member of the lack of classification of injuries, the new role of Aoun also on the list, also specially wrote to the Riot game player should increase their skills to group injury or altered role.

Cui God the hero from his debut location is to help fight wild type, then it is killing incense good things each hand is necessary, each can shield the role of blood, directly into a line, naturally there is Elvin's living space, but the passive cutting knife, next to the number of incense the role of AD knife, but also by the rune redo again shuffle, no harm to Cui God is just waiting to be slaughtered lamb, game player thinks the role should raise the damage and more emphasis on interactive role and wild area, opposition zone will get more help, even the hero skills group.

followed by Bud. His position is actually very embarrassing. Although he has blood enriching skills, it not only consumes less magic, but also compares Bud, a woman who is more mainstream, or is a good assistant in the battle of Niu tou and Japanese woman. The last is the hero in Aoun, popularity is not too bad, even can be very strong, but EQ Combo in actual combat is difficult to play out, this is also mentioned and even if a lot of game player, stack attack equipment, damage is not much higher than the Tanzania, because his skills are calculated with physical defense and health%, so his diversity is very small, can choose only a few pieces of equipment, in fact, the three heroes he is still good, but the Green God, hastened to help this guy! return to the Sohu, see more


From: LOL玩家希望增强巴德、奥恩以及翠神,让他们得到足够伤害
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