The ten most beautiful travel places in China, you have been to several

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original title: the ten most beautiful tourist destinations in China, you have been to several

1, Mount Lu

Mount Lu cliffside waterfalls and the cave rocks, high clouds, all over the places of historic interest and scenic beauty, the "cloud of Mount Lu" is not to miss the beautiful scenery of Mount Lu tourism.

2, Guilin

Guilin Scenery in the world, Yamakawa Ct, beautiful scenery and geographical environment is a typical karst richly endowed by nature. Guilin is famous for its beautiful mountains, magnificent caves and clear rivers. Guilin is subtropical climate, winter is not cold, summer no heat.

3, Wuzhen

Wuzhen is an ancient town with a long history and rich cultural atmosphere. At this time, besides having small bridges, flowing water, people's water and village customs and exquisite and elegant residential buildings, there are more and more rich historical and cultural breath. In this town, history has produced 64 Jinshi, 161 juren. The modern Chinese literary giant, DD Mao Dun, was also born in this town.

4, Qiandao Lake

"farmer mountain spring, a little sweet" advertising language is known, it from the national level water - Qiandao Lake, without any treatment can reach the standard of drinking water. Qiandao Lake has been the development of open natural scenery, cultural landscape, wild animal, recreational participation in more than 20 spots four series. Open the spring to the Qiandao Lake, Qiandao Lake, Qiandao Lake, the summer autumn sightseeing tours, leisure travel, water sports entertainment, historical and cultural tours, fruit picking and farm tourism line, and the giant net fishing, water sports, air rover, piscatorial custom performance participation in tourism projects.

5, Shangri-La

Shangri-La's natural scenery is snow mountain, glacier, canyon, forest, meadow, lake, beauty, bright and clear, Enron, leisurely, leisurely, contentment, tranquility and harmony. It's the good ending for people. From July to August, we should keep away from the crowd, and let them exile in nature, listen to the call of the wind, listen to the chirping of birds, listen to the voice of water and listen to their voices. This is the real Shangri-La.

6, Shennongjia

Shennongjia iceberg is located in Hubei province. It has a strange wind tunnel, thunder cave, flash hole, fog hole and other natural wonders. The mysterious cave and icicle, ice, ice, ice, sword falling ice beads, a thousand odd million, air, cold light is bright and clear, enchanting dazzling.

7, Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou is famous for its original and mysterious world. The natural scenery also has the beauty of lakes, waterfalls, snow mountains and forest, and has the reputation of "fairy tale world". The Xuefeng Yuli, Castle Peak water, each other. The waterfalls, streams are charming, swiftly spreading jade beads, abnormal majestic beauty. There are thousands of years old trees, exotic flowers and rare herbs, four changes, colorful, gorgeous reflection, majestic and grand. After the earthquake, Jiuzhaigou basically recovered its original appearance.

8, Phoenix Town

Phoenix Town is located in the southwest of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan province. It is a famous national historical and cultural city, built in the forty-three years (1704) of the Qing Dynasty. The Phoenix is famous for his novel "the border city" by Shen Congwen, and the New Zealand writer Ai Li describes it as "the most beautiful small city in China". Within the city, green street, Riverside wooden stilts, many ancient buildings, as well as strong Miao style, a unique taste of the phoenix.

9, Dali

Dali beautiful landscape scenery and colorful "debauch" reputation, namely Shimonoseki wind, the clearance of flowers, Cangshan snow, Erhai. Dali is not only a tourist destination, but also the delicacy Kingdom, Dali three tea, repair a long history, no aftertaste study, there are special snack pastry, Dali dairy fan, noisy fish and so on, in the ancient city of the stalls side, in a mood to go the restaurant to enjoy the scenery at the same time, you can also enjoy a once the feast in Dali.

10, Lianyungang

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