DNF: the latest week price analysis strengthens the takeoff of protection vouchers.

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original title: DNF: the latest week price analysis strengthens the takeoff of protection vouchers!

everybody is good, here is a week's price, the recent experience clothes have updated the new year's Day activities, in this event, the commercial city has updated the strengthening voucher package. In addition, this period of time across two and cross eight is also merged, so what is the business opportunity for this event? Come on and see it!

TOP1: the holy fortified protection voucher

Now the price of

protection has taken off, mainly to experience service updates the package, of course now Tun protected game player can be shot as starting even if the feeling, this update on the protection of the consumption is not too large, now the price of protection has been in the region rose a lot, so start now you feel it was too late, not recommended with protection, the goods can be a hand game player!

TOP2: Colourless crystal block

this update let colorless prices have little improvement, the lowest price is colorless 70 gold coins, 79 gold coins now, I believe that the game player is Tun color earn some money, but the price of colorless will continue to rise in the future, after all, although production but also JiaBuZhu hype, but the landlord not recommended now!

TOP3: data chip

The price of

data is really stable now. Now it can affect the data price is the Spring Festival. When many players return, the price will rise a lot, and the price will rise if the single Luke comes out. The price of the data will not decline, here the landlord suggests that you eat around the average price, but it will not fall to where to go!

TOP4: Magic brake stone

magic brake stone in some large areas around 3000, do not say too much is a word to eat!! Absolutely no compensation, the price of this popular prop is already in the end, do not have to eat other direct food!

TOP5: superior elements crystallized

the landlord also suggest that you eat some boss powder has been deleted because the hanbok dress, here although not all of a sudden rise in price, but the yield decreased, but it won't fall right? If there is any change in the price of a higher level, it is absolutely necessary to take off.

TOP6: overspeed capsule

is also a word to eat! Dnf which out of print is not going up? Think about this kind of thing Hawkeye agents, not Diaojia anyway. The more the more out of print, the less the price will be reduced. Of course, this is also a cycle, the landlord is also suggested that the average price to eat!

TOP7: the bud of the birth

there hanbok price is not too high, but the yield of this thing is really too big, the landlord a abyss several.. Although the price is up a bit now, most of them are picking up the plate. If it wants to store goods for at least another cycle feeling more than half a year, think twice!

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