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original title: the Chinese tour guide was killed in Thailand: the affair was paid 1 million 500 thousand baht

in the elephant garden.

, a Chinese tourist guide He Yongjie, was killed by an elephant in an elephant garden in Thailand. According to reports, on the 27 day, the Elephant Park has reached a compensation agreement with He Yongjie's family members. The zoo has to pay 1 million 500 thousand baht (about 300 thousand yuan), and the insurance compensation is calculated separately. The public elephant does not continue to work and is likely to be purchased from a timber factory.

deals with the family's agreement with the families of the victims

On the day of

27, the zoo had reached an agreement with the family members of the tour guide He Yongjie, who was reimbursing 1 million 500 thousand baht and 1 million baht, which did not include the compensation of the insurance companies in China. Mr. Ba, the owner of the elephant garden, said he was very guilty and was willing to take the corresponding legal responsibility. According to the law of Thailand, he and domesticated elephants may face a fine of about 200 thousand mahout, may also face 2 years to 3 years imprisonment, whether to serve, depending on their performance.


involved elephant no longer continues to work

According to

, according to Ba Shuo, He Zhijie's elephant was 17 years old, a male elephant, who had never experienced an accident before. In Thailand, every elephant for visitors has an identity card, which is registered after the accident, but the elephant has not had an accident. After the incident, the local municipal government also sent people to check the elephant's DNA, not found abnormal, just frightened. After the accident, the elephant is unlikely to continue to work again, and may be sold to the wood factory.

according to the Consulate General of Chiang Mai in Thailand Chinese website today released the news, the 2018 New Year's Day is approaching, the Consulate General in Chiang Mai reminded, during the new year to Thailand area north of China tourists need to pay attention to the following matters of tourism safety, careful selection of the jungle flying, elephant riding, close to the wild animal has a certain risk factor of the project. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 中国导游在泰国遇难:涉事象园赔付150万泰铢
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