This season should be used to porridge, rich in nutrients, and lose weight

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original title: this season should use it to porridge, rich in nutrients, and weight loss of

give you a science, see the sweet potato also known as sweet potato, sweet potato and sweet potato is not a fact, they are two different kinds of vegetables, sweet potatoes contain a lot of sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals, carotene and vitamin C and anti-cancer substances, inhibit cancer cell growth of large amounts of food fiber so, can prevent constipation, colon cancer; at the same time can reduce calorie intake, weight loss is one of the best food.

sweet potato is rich in starch, sugar and protein, crisp and juicy, sweet potatoes actually eat more raw taste a bit like a pear, also can eat fried, stew and other practices, I think today to use sweet potato porridge, taste good, following the practice of sharing to everyone.

food preparation: sweet potato, rice, red date, ice sugar;

1, wash rice and pour into rice cooker, add a proper amount of water,

2, rinse the red dates into the pot, cover the lid and adjust the rice cooker to the porridge;

3, peeled and rinse of sweet potato;

4, cut the chunk of the sweet potato. (my potato chunk is cut a bit big. When you do it, try cutting it into diced. It should taste better);

5, the pot of porridge boiled after adding a little edible alkali;

6, pour into the chunk, add a proper amount of ice sugar and cook for 30 minutes;

7, Sheng can be eaten, sweet potato is sweet, and added ice sugar, the whole taste of this porridge is fresh sweet taste, eat up light and refreshing;

8, a friend who likes this porridge try it according to the above. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 这个季节就应该用它来煲粥,富含多种营养元素,还有减肥作用
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