This small country in Southeast Asia is going to restart the landing sign, and 2K can go here for a holiday.

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original title: this small country of Southeast Asia is going to restart the landing sign, and 2K can go here for a holiday!

recently, Burma, which has been implementing electronic visa to China, has reopened the landing sign. It is expected to take effect this month.

recently popular "Buddha" travel, finally able to see a real Buddhist world, to see the sunrise and sunset:


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a pious wish in the temple:

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see from above:

Li Cong vanatta


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or feel a moment of peace in Inle Lake:

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the Hongshan grape manor on the side of the Rhine has the best wine in Burma, enjoying the delicious food while enjoying the beauty of the manor:


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harborer today to introduce this charming country:

> > Mandalay < <

Mandalay, the English name Mandalay, because of its back to the name of the Mandalay Hill, the overseas Chinese are used to call it "tile City". Mandalay is the capital of Burma in Mandalay Province, the second largest city in Burma built in the Irrawaddy River, located in central Burma inland region.

and Burmese people used to be divided into the whole of Burma on the Burma and Burma, and Mandalay is located in the middle of Burma and became the cut-off point of Burma, from Yangon to the northern city of La Mandalay railway branch density after just completed half of the journey.

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Burma puppet show is the national opera, and Mandalay is the puppet master city, so Mandalay must not miss the old traditional puppet show.

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> > Bagan < <

Bagan, English called Bagan, Bagan and Mandalay in Burma and a rich cultural heritage of the historical and cultural city, Bagan is located in the central Burma or the Irrawaddy River in the middle reaches.

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From: 这个东南亚小国即将重启落地签,往返2k就能去这里度个假!
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