The renting market in Beijing has entered the unexpected season, and the intermediary said it was busy without time to play the tremor.

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economic observation network reporter Tian Guobao intern reporter Lin Jing Ke December, Beijing housing rent ushered in a new wave of rise.

"like this now Sanju rent 6600 yuan, should be the lowest price, at the end of November is about Wuqiansiwu." On the morning of December 27th, in a chain store near Tiantongyuan, Meng Qi, a chain agent, sat on the front of the computer and looked for housing sources. He said that in December, the rent of Tiantongyuan increased by five hundred or six hundred yuan.

China real estate association data show that as of December 27th, Beijing's average rent price in the past month is 82.28 yuan / month / square meter, rising 4.8%, rising 17.68% compared with the same period, while the average rent in Beijing increased by only 10.4% in November.

mencii has been a mediator for many years, and in his view, the rents in his area are generally higher than in November. "Look at this two bedroom 5400 yuan, at the end of November will Siqianqiba; and this 30 square meters room, the basic price rose four hundred or five hundred yuan." Meng Qi said.

Meng Qi told the Economic Observer reporter, under normal circumstances, the rental market in Beijing, there are two months in a year, one in May 4, after the Spring Festival holiday, mainly because of the influx of foreign workers and trainees; one is 9, October, is mainly the housing needs of the major colleges and universities graduates.

"rents rose in 9 and October, and began to fall in 11 and December, and fell back to the Spring Festival." But this year, the situation made Meng Qi some surprise, "now the rent is basically up to the highest in September, busy every day do not have time to play shakes." All the time, is one of the main areas of North Tiantongyuan rental concentrated.

Compared with the Tian Tong Yuan, the rental rent in the north garden area is generally 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan higher than that of the

. Yu Haodong, manager of chain home Tian Chang garden store, said that the price of the whole rent in Beiyuan district basically remained stable. In December, the rentals of the rent had a certain decrease. Compared with that in 2016 December, it only increased slightly, and the general increase was less than 2%.

but the garden area flat-share room rent year there was a substantial rise, I love my home shop, a staff member said that compared with September, the regional rent has a lot of cool, but compared with the same period in 2016, flat-share single room rent generally go up, generally rose 10% to about 20%, the highest rate reached 25%.

this year, Beijing started to increase on the existing partition of rental housing, apartments and other security risks rectification efforts, some areas of relatively low rent five so by their pursuit of beijing. According to a manager of the chain said at the end of November, Daxing District several chain stores, houses were rented out within a week.

Haodong also said that since December this year, the housing market demand is relatively strong. He used "Crazy" to describe their recent work at 10 in the morning, 26 days, every three minutes or so he will have to answer a call to the station before the computer screen and opens the five or six WeChat dialog box, and also for the customers to come to consult.

Although the rent of Beijing in December is generally higher than that in December, the average rent in the past month has increased by more than 5% in the 4 districts, and the rent in November has increased by more than 10% in the 7 districts. In November and December, there were three areas at high levels, including 20.3% and 6.15% in Yanqing, 13.68% in Daxing District and 5.97% in Daxing District, and 19.43% in Tongzhou District and 5.51% in Tongzhou District. return to the Sohu, see more


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