Comparing the absolute score of the college entrance examination in different provinces from a web novel

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original title: from a web novel to compare the absolute score of the college entrance examination in different provinces of

from a network story to compare the absolute score of the college entrance examination in different provinces



let's read this online novel first. It is published in the short story of WeChat public number, ID:dzwz999, 2017 12 24 day, , the best short story of the year, . The novel tries to humorously satirize the inequity of the present college entrance examination system through a zigzag story over a few generations. Please understand the outline of the story.


"the best short story of the year (end part)" story

a high school in Hubei. The boy likes to go to a girl. Boys are poor in learning, and girls are excellent. The boy confessions to the girl, the girl said, my dream is Tsinghua, I want to wait for you there. The boy twisted and walked away, and second days came the news of the boy transferring to another city. Three years later, the boy and the girl met again in Tsinghua. The girl asked, where did you go and do so well? The boy said: 280 million in Tibet to buy school district room, test 280 points.

twenty years later in Beijing. The boys and girls are going to attend the college entrance examination. Father helped his children to review mathematics, and the math father in high school felt very difficult. My son mocked, you're a graduate of Tsinghua University... The baby sitter passed the table and copied a pen with a skillful answer. The original nanny from Hunan, the year 590 points, the difference of five points did not test on three. The mother heard that he was thinking of his 400 into Tsinghua, and was glad to have made a Beijing account.

nanny is hired as a tutor for the child, and the salary is doubled. A year later, this life was admitted to Tsinghua. The nanny is dedicated to the senior three children as a tutor. All the children she tutored were taken to the famous school. The education department looked up the qualification certificate for teachers, and the nanny was identified as unlicensed operation and returned to the rural areas.

babysitter back to the farm, one day a Rolls-Royce stopped on the roadside, the car came down a man. It turned out that the student who had been tutored by the nanny was already the principal of a tutoring school. Hire her to be a tutor.

nurse came to the school counseling are mostly juniors of high-ranking officials. Most of her tutors are accepted by American famous schools, including the son of the governor. The governor is a thanks to the tutor, and a banquet is invited to the nanny. The governor and the nanny meet, buried the secrets of 20 years...

governor, holding the hand of the babysitter, said, "the college entrance examination policy!" If my father did not get me to Beijing for Tsinghua, if I still stayed in the Hunan exam, we two of the two babies! The babysitter said that he was pregnant with your baby, but... The governor asked the ZA EVA where? The babysitter said: it was three years after reading in Hunan.

second years college entrance exam nanny son score 441, was accepted by the Peking University. He despised the look is next to the walls of old man, took the nanny said: Mom, I had a father to the governor, I transferred to Beijing....... The nanny shook his head and said, I deceive him for your future. The governor with this is not your father, this is your old walls qindie!


read this novel, I believe many people have a feeling of deja vu. Yes, the plot in the novel has been seen part of the story before, but it is a number of stories. This novel multiple stories spanning several generations, across multiple families connected together, making the kick up a cloud of dust is full of twists and turns of the story of humor. The author of the novel says that the source of the material is the meaning of the network. The purpose of the author is to write this story to explain the regional inequality in the current college entrance examination in China. The story appears in the different years of the 5 name of the college entrance examination candidates:

boys in Tibet spend 280 million to buy school district room, the 280 score on the Tsinghua.

girl made a Beijing Hukou 400 and divided it into Tsinghua.

nanny in Hunan 590 points, the difference of five points did not test three.

governor's father got him to Beijing to go to school and go to Tsinghua. The governor is the governor.


governor helped the son of the nanny to Beijing, and the 441 was accepted by the Peking University.

The plot of the

novel must be written. The author's intention is very obvious. At the present stage, the unfair phenomenon of the college entrance examination is also true. This is illustrated by the wide spread and spread of the different versions of these stories for a long time. But what I want to say is that all versions, including this version of the story, have a fundamental flaw in a basic concept. This is: the current implementation of the provincial plan of the college entrance examination, the absolute score is not meaningful. 280 scores, 400 scores and 441 scores are good. These scores can't be explained on Tsinghua's existing rules. Because it ignores a basic fact:

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