Hot and hot money: can I have a good time with the quilt to travel?

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is now at the end of the year. Many friends are thinking about leaving the rest of the annual vacation and getting together with the new year's holiday.

when the departure has not started, but the media broke the news: five star hotel in the cleaning process, the existence of "yellow with a toilet brush to clean the cup, wipe all over and chaos. This suddenly broke people in the world, "disgusting retch" uncontrollably appeared.

media exposure of these five star hotels, all of the international chain of large hotels, how to arrange the room at least the minimum operating procedures are not? Or, even if there is, the various operating procedures are just the same. With the yellow cup most people simply toilet brush, the unexpected, even in several hotels happen at the same time. This is not a challenge to the bottom line of the guest, it is a challenge to the endurance of human beings.

every time the "clean scandal" has been exposed, it can cause huge damage to consumers,

, in fact, this is not the first time that a hotel has been exposed to a health scandal. It can be said that such a scandal causes great harm to consumers every time, and the shadow area is expanding.

The fear and distrust caused by the "scandal" of

may even exist for a long time. A friend's child is a college student. He starts traveling with his parents from middle school. He must bring toothbrushes, cups, slippers and so on. Now he has developed towels and bath towels. Open the suitcase, half of what is already available in the hotel. Friends quietly asked sister spicy: "you say this child is not squeamish, psychology is not normal?"

hastened to ask her colleagues around. I didn't think the answer to my colleague was so crisp: "there's nothing wrong with the child. The hotel is clean towel who knows what ah, you dare to use? Whether or not to clean and disinfect is also not clear. We don't even go out to travel light, quilt, quilt can bring their own."

elder sister also are everywhere, people often go out, but I did not consider these problems, the hotel has what on what has come. I always think that although the hotel is not as clean and hygienic as it is at home, it should go on and off. But the hotel's cleaning video is exposed, and it has a great impact on the "blind belief" of the spicy sister. Brush closestool, toilet brush cup, this is the real metamorphosis! Which normal person can accept it?

five star hotel is still so, that the star hotel how, really do not dare to think. Some netizens said, don't go out after staying in a hotel, glass towel linen pillow what of all comes? But is it able to play with the quilt and a lot of luggage to travel and live in a "not touchable" room?


infringes on the rights and interests of consumers, it should be punished as a "bottom off"

consumer hotel is to spend money to buy services, and five star hotels are thousands of dollars a night, the house price is real, it must reflect the value of things. Now, the hotel is so silly, the consumer not only did not enjoy the due service, but also added a lot of plugging in the heart, saying nothing can swallow this breath.

hotel room cleaning is a problem, not a day two days, is not a single phenomenon of the two hotels. In May this year, Jiangsu province Consumers Association issued consumer experiential pension survey results showed that 18% of the B & B towel clean degree in the following 3 points (out of 5), 6% B & B towels have hair, stains. In September, the Beijing municipal health and Family Planning Supervision Institute announced the results of the supervision and inspection of Fasthotel health special. Because of the hygiene failing to meet the standards, 46 units were punished by administrative punishment, and 35 units were fined 69 thousand yuan. Also in September, the Beijing Tourism Development Committee and the Beijing Tourism Industry Association interviewed 5 five star hotel leaders. They further understood and verified the media reports that they did not change the sheets and did not wipe the toilets. They asked the hotels involved to carry out self-examination and rectification.

from the above conditions, the relevant institutions and regulatory authorities on the health of the hotel is more important, and the inspection of the management is relatively strict. However, for the problems found, the punishment is far from enough. More than 40 hotels are found, the penalty amount of only a few million, was interviewed for a five star hotel for self correction. But, have these hotels changed? How self correction effect? Consumers do not know, the supervision department is lack of follow-up supervision.

The health of

hotel rooms is closed by door cleaning, how to wash cups and how to brush toilets. The whole process is only known by the dustmen and even the hotel managers are not clear. Also, the room clean towel quilt, consumers basically do not see the naked eye. Unless there is a "undercover" evidence, otherwise, even if the rights and interests of consumers are violated, it is difficult to find out, it is a big probability event.

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