Korol or join VTG at LDL next season

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original title: Korol or join VTG in LDL arena in the next season

recently, there is a rumor that Korol has joined the strawberry VC club. But today, on the transfer post of the NGA forum, shows that Korol is actually moving to the VTG club.

@lihong have also found the VTG official from micro-blog, but micro-blog audit time, this is a new team.

korol's micro-blog is also concerned about the club.


really like a small wooden wood, and Korol has not moved to the strawberry VC club, but to join hands with SNG to move to VTG club together with Avoidless? return to the Sohu, see more


From: Korol或加盟VTG 下赛季出战LDL赛场
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